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started 12.7.2017

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"From the very beginning of my life, everything went wrong. Something was wrong with my body. We had to correct one or the other defect. I am very grateful to my parents and doctors that they "repaired" my body while helping to develop and strengthen my spirit. I did not hank, was positive, smiled to the whole world. I decided that fate quizzes my strength. I was ready to go through it to become strong вecause I want to be a rescuer. But the fate brought me another terrible test – cancer.

Of course, I'm scared. It's most painful to see how my mom and dad suffer. Understand that in our country you can die simply because you are not a millionaire, and you cannot find money for treatment. The death sentence is passed on not by the fate, but by the state. And now my life turned up to depend not on my own will, it is in the hands of the people we are forced to ask for help. And I never wanted to have pity for myself! How would one go on living in this country? How one could pass this test?".

This is a "cry of soul" of 17 year old Ivan, a boy from Rivne region, who struggles with himself, with his physical disabilities every day. And on December 26 last year, he was diagnosed with T-linear acute lymphoblastic leukemia of high-risk group. The child urgently needs a non-relative bone marrow transplantation.

Now, after a course of chemotherapy, Ivan has a remission. Now the guy in the hospital is being irradiated before the TCM. After an additional on-site examination, the doctors decided to have a transplant from a haploidentical donor. We decided that it is necessary to do this while the child is in remission, therefore the search for an unrelated identical donor is too vague because of Ivan's genetic disorders. Ukrainian specialists confirmed that this decision is the most acceptable for the child, the father of the young man will be the donor.

Parents were just announced about this and they have no savings. The family is very of modest wealth. The farther is on the carer’s allowance, and the mother was as a teacher in college. In addition, they spend all their time on the treatment and rehabilitation of their son. Relatives and friends helped a little and collected money to pay for blood typing abroad.

Transplant is planned to be held in Turkish. The cost of treatment is $ 110,000. 

Without the help of people who are not indifferent, they simply can not cope!


Name: Ivan Tsapuk, 01.07.2000

City: Berezne, Rivne region

Diagnosis: T-linear acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Total need 2 200 000 UAH.
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