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Help Rita speak!


started 14.7.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Archangel Michael"

This world gave Rita an unhappy welcome. On her 5th day, the frail child was discharged from the hospital with jaundice, weighing 2.5 kg. This was the first but not only doctor's mistake which subsequently influenced the girl's future health. After her discharge from the hospital, the district doctor did not pay attention to the child's health, and as a result, Rita returned to the hospital in poor condition. In the hospital, doctors gave the girl one diagnosis after another, each contradicting the previous one.

Rita spent four months in the hospital. When the doctors finally discharged the child, giving up on her as some useless thing, they spoke terrible words as though a sentence "Be prepared!". But Rita's mother did not give up, and frail Rita did not give up. Again the doctors at the OKHMADIT hospital discharged the girl without prescribing treatment, saying "Do it yourself." And Mama and Rita began to do it themselves. Contrary to the diagnosis of doctors, Rita remained alive and not only alive. At the age of 2, the girl sat up, and at two-and-a-half was able to recognize her Mother, who all this time stayed with her and never lost hope for recovery. At 3 the girl went to preschool. Now our girl is visiting various centers, a psychologist, a disability specialist and a speech therapist, and it all gives results.

But there's just one problem - Rita cannot speak. Her big green eyes watch the world with enthusiasm, her little fingers feel objects, she can hear people talk and birds sing, her little lips stir as if she wants to tell us something, but she cannot. She can’t ask anything, she can’t communicate with peers. But our Rita is a fighter, she did not surrender when she was a baby and doctors turned away from her, believing her to be hopeless. Rita tries to talk, making sounds like a bird, but cannot actually say anything.

Our girl was given hope at the center for brain stimulation. Having examined Rita, the doctors said that she has a very good chance to talk, but to realize this possibility, treatment using micro-polarization is needed; this is a method of influencing waves in the linguistic area of the brain. Each procedure costs four thousand Hryvnias, but Rita's mother, who is raising two children alone, does not have that kind of money.

Your help is very important; please help Rita get the treatment she needs. We thank everyone for their support!


Name: Hetmanska Marharyta, 16.02.2010 

City: Kiev

Diagnosis: general underdevelopment of speech level I, severe dysarthria, anarthria


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