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Ivano-Frankivsk region

started 10.8.2017

Project is realized by
ICF "Caritas Ukraine"

The Charitable Foundation “Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy” among various interesting campaigns and projects runs a campaign called “Schoolbag”. The purpose of this campaign is to help children who visit the Children’s center at Caritas and also all children in need (children of the ATO participants, internally displaced children, large families, low-income families and dysfunctional families…) and to buy everything needed what can be put into a schoolbag.

Of course not all children like studying but very often it happens that a child has really good skills and desire to learning but does not have an opportunity and means for this because of parents’ difficult situation. This campaign is appropriate also for the reason that very often among such children there are good public activists, cultural figures, volunteers and just sympathetic people ready to help at any time. But unfortunately nowadays due to bad parents’ economic situation, they do not have a chance to purchase simple things necessary for every pupil.

Probably it is well-known episode from childhood when we, being children, did not want to write in notebooks because we did not like the picture or paper in the notebook was rough or friend's notebook was better. Yes, of course, today it sounds strange but children, being naïve, are motivated by such small at first sight things. Just put yourself in the place of mother and father who have 5 or more children, few jobs and barely make ends meet in order a child had everything needed and did not differ from peers and also wanted to go to school. And no matter how funny it sounds but sometimes motivation is laid down in such simple things as stationery.

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