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Chemopreparations to save the dad

Cherkasy region

started 8.8.2017

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The trouble comes when you least expect it. It happened with my father, Demchenko Alexander. A slight deterioration in his health was symptomatic of an insidious illness that threatened his life.
Having understood the anxiety of the doctors at the diagnostic, we decided not to hesitate and immediately seek help from doctors - oncologists. After carrying out all the necessary studies at the Kyiv Clinical Oncology Centerand the Cancer Institute, the dad was diagnosed with B-large cell lymphomas.

As part of chemotherapy that can help save my dad, there is an effective, but very expensive drug of foreign production "MabThera", which, together with other chemotherapeutics, can achieve remission of this disease

The treatment had to start immediately, because the disease is insidious and has an aggressive form.
The first course of chemotherapy is over, and we all believe that Dad will overcome the disease, we need to help him with the acquisition of such expensive and vital drugs.

Doctors are going to treat such a disease, according to the protocol, it is necessary to pass from 6 to 8 courses of chemotherapy.

I, the daughter of Alexander Demchenko, I ask to help in collecting funds for the 2nd round of chemotherapy, which will help my dad to recover and give his love, care for us as long as possible.


Full Name (Recipient): Alexander Demchenko

Date of birth: August 26, 1958

Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin's B-large-cell lymphoma


Total need 75 000 UAH.
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