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started 4.10.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Wings of hope"

Children's neurosurgery... Hearing this phrase, you feel frost on the skin and, frankly, you do not even want to think about who gets into this department. And there are children! Children with craniocerebral trauma, children with congenital pathologies, children with brain tumors. All of them without exception are waiting for difficult operations and long periods of recovery.

During a year, more than 30 patients are treated and operated in the department of neurosurgery in Lviv City Children's Clinical Hospital, on Orlyka street in Lviv. The operations on the brain are difficult and last for hours, and then the kid is still in intensive care for many more days and weeks - there is no place for mom, visitors are not allowed there, there are the medical staff and strange equipment that helps to fight for their lives!

What can be done so that children can return to department’s wards as soon as possible? The answer is simple – bring their equipment that would allow observing the state of the child without taking it away from the mother. The doctors in neurosurgery department of Lviv City Children's Clinical Hospital are confident that two small monitors PRIZM3 ENST can solve this problem.
Such monitor makes it possible to control the level of saturation, pulse, arterial pressure, respiration rate, body temperature and electrocardiogram, and therefore, such monitors are necessary for observing the vital functions of children after brain operations. The cost of one monitor is 33,000 UAH.

Only 66,000 UAH and small patients in a difficult but not critical condition will be able to stay in the ward with their parents, and the presence of family, for sure, treats much better than medicines! In addition, the place that these children are forced to occupy in the intensive care unit will be released for someone who at the moment needs urgent help! The presence of monitors will help to organize the treatment process more efficient for such a complex pathology of childhood, allow resuscitation to fulfill its direct purpose, and children will feel the warmth and care of their mother, who is always there!

Every mom and dad who has had such a test knows what it means to wait behind the reanimation door when your baby is there... And everyone knows that for a child in any condition, most important thing is to be with your parents! Therefore, let’s help kids to overcome such a difficult path from resuscitation to a normal life!

Funded 66 000 UAH.
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Щиро дякуємо за підтримку нашого проекту! Відділення нейрохірургії з нетерпінням чекає цього подарунку, і сьогодні ми з впевненістю зможемо їм сказати, що моніторам бути!
Сьогодні в реанімації КМДКЛ перебуває 13ти річна Настя - дівчинка-сирота, з важкою формою сколіозу, яку в середу прооперували. Весь день лікарі радяться, переводити її в нейрохірургію, де її зможуть провідати вихователі і друзі, чи краще, все ж таки, залишити до понеділка в реанімації... За наявності моніторів Настю ще зранку перевели б у відділення, де їй було б не так самотньо. Ці маленькі моніторчики справді дуже потрібні!

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