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Dont let the heart stop!


started 24.10.2017

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Clinical death lasting as much as 50 minutes. Miracle of salvation and risk, do not cope for the second time. 16-year-old Igor Zolotukhin has a complicated heart disease, it can stop at any time. The guy needs a defibrillator - a mechanism that will make the organ fight.

Otherwise, I can not save him. Volleyball, basketball, running. The last five years, Igor could not live without sports. In May - the next regional competitions in athletics, a distance of 800 meters. Igor ran first to the finish left a few meters, it seemed like another victory. And suddenly his eyes darkened.

"I have already seen how my friend runs to greet me. I was the first, everyone was far behind. But I started to feel dizzy. I stopped. I do not remember anything else. "

Igor fell down. He was not breathing and his heart was not beating. To save the guy at once rushes his friend's dad, he miraculously lays beside him - he was ill for the guys. Before the ambulance arrives without stopping, indirect massage and artificial respiration are performed. After all, even three minutes of clinical death provoke irreversible changes in the brain. The ambulance arrives instantly, but with an evil joke of fate, a defibrillator - an apparatus that discharges current from the heart - breaks down.

All the way to the hospital, he is not allowed to die only by artificial lung ventilation and heart massage. It is done with such force that three ribs are broken. And even in the hospital, when the resuscitation is within reach, the elevator breaks down.

It seems that fate itself does not leave a chance. But after 50 minutes of clinical death, Igor's heart begins to beat. It is triggered by the third blow of the defibrillator. A week in intensive care, then two more - in the Sumy regional hospital. There, cardiologists can not establish the causes of cardiac arrest. It all seems healthy. Therefore, doctors at their own risk and risk - they let the guy go home. The last five months of his life are constant limitations and only hope that the heart will not fail again.

"I feel from time to time how the rhythm goes astray. As I begin to choke, and then - a pain in my chest. It's very scary". Paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia - such a diagnosis in late October Igor finally installed in the Amosov Institute.
In other words, it is a syndrome of sudden death. An elementary physical load, like climbing a ladder, can provoke an attack: the heart will begin to pound wildly, 220 beats per minute, then the rhythm will break down and it will stop. And it can happen at any time. Igor can save a defibrillator. Not a large device, which is equipped with resuscitation, but a small portable device, mini-resuscitation, which doctors implant in the body of the guy. A current discharge device starts the heart if necessary. This is the guy's only chance at salvation.

The operation should be done urgently, Igor and his mother are already waiting for her at the Amosov Institute. However, until the date can not be fixed, the device costing 175 000 hryvnia family can not afford.

In the Zolotukhin family, apart from Igor, there are also two young children, the husband does not have a permanent job, his mother is a budget-worker. Monthly income is several thousand hryvnia. The required amount can not be collected for a year, and there is no time to wait. Therefore, to rely on Igor remains only on human indifference. Do not let the guy die - it's in your power. It is only necessary to press - to help.

"I want to study for a psychologist. This is my dream. And I want to go back to sports. If it were not for the heart, then I would have become a master of sports in sports tourism. The doctors told me that with that defibrillator, then I will not have any restrictions, I can run again. I really hope that we will have time to raise money. And how not .. I even think I'm afraid. "

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