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Oleg Zhezhel: "I run to help a hero! Lviv"


started 24.10.2017

Project is realized by
CF "Warrior's Heart"

Oleg Zhezhel, choreographer, producer.

Seeing how much energy and enthusiasm she has in life, just want to join a good cause and help Olia. These boys and girls defend us giving it all for the sake of our peaceful life. The least we can do and ought to do for these people is to respond to their needs.

A tender and courageous girl named Olga Tarasevych has become an example of optimism and life force for many people. 25-year-old Olga worked as a cook in the 72nd Mechanized Brigade. In May 2017 during a bombardment in Avdiivka, Donetsk region, shell fragments hit the house Olga was in. She was sleeping at that moment and was severely injured. There was no chance to save her leg since shell fragments ruptured a tendon. Doctors had to amputate Olga’s leg.

At first, Olga used a wheelchair, later she used a prosthetic limb. Now she jokingly calls herself ‘a terminator’. Not only did she survive the severe injury and successfully undergo rehabilitation, but all this time she also cheered up and supported guys which stayed in the hospital for treatment at the same time as she did.

Everyone was amazed by the way this girl accepted the reality – Olga went to a gym, she started working out and dancing. Olga encouraged strong men to act the same way by her own example. "Sure, it’s still difficult to walk, it’s actually hard to live with this. At first, I stared at the dancing girls, then I shifted my glance at my leg and my eyes began filling with tears", Olga says. She does not give up and she unhesitatingly moves on. She says that doing sports and dancing is the best rehabilitation and she dreams of a sports prosthetic limb which will allow her to do sport safely.

Let’s support Olga Tarasevych who is our tender defender of Ukraine. Please join the fundraising campaign and register for "The Victors" 2 km charity run which takes place in Lviv on 29 October as part of the Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 2017 at the following link:

The fundraising target is UAH 20,000.


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Шановні друзі! За інформацією Оператора допомоги, протез для Олі ще в процесі виготовлення, адже була затримка з деталями. Дякуємо всім за довіру та підтримку!

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