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I run for the sake of orphans. Vitaliy Kozlovsky


started 22.3.2018

Project is realized by
CO "Home of Happy Children"

Popular singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine Vitalii Kozlovskyi, often participates in eleemosynary projects, actively helps children which are deprived paternal guardianship. This year Vitalii make a decision to take part in Charity Marathon for the sake of kind business. Therefore, on April, 22 on Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon Vitalii will overcome distance for the sake of wonderful children from Center of help children "Home of happy children".

Is not it healthy really, when do such beautiful, talented people help little people? A "Home of happy children" is unique Center for children, which was grasped by a not simple fate to live with adults to which however on them, which a conscience allows to ignore by paternal duties and to leave the children of gladnesses of childhood.

However, after the child is taken from such a family, he enters the Center, where he is loved and taught to live differently - to support and respect each other. Now for the valuable functioning Center, a bus is very needed. Little people need to be in time conveyed in a hospital on an inspection, in schools on teaching, and also on concerts, in theaters, museums - all that, that they so love!

Vitali wants to help the Center, so he became a fundraiser to raise funds for a new vehicle for the children of this Center.

"A successful man cannot go by the problem of defenseless, unscreened children. Now they are too yang, and we, adults, have all the possibilities, we just need to help", a singer explains his position. He will run back the first Marathon of good, that 30 little boys and girls were in a position to live in the world without violence, insults, and fear. He will run back for the sake of their new future.

Due to this project, we will collect part of facilities within the framework of a project

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Сума: 101.83 грн.
Дата: April 28, 2018, 4:59 p.m.

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