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I run for the sake of orphans. Ruslan Rotan


started 22.3.2018

Project is realized by
CO "Home of Happy Children"

"The most important task of every adult person is to take care of their children, to love them and give all the best," says the father of five children, the football player of the Ukrainian national team Ruslan Rotan. This year Ruslan got acquainted with the Center, where children live who were withdrawn from disadvantaged families. In the "Home of Happy Children" there are 30 boys and girls who were unlucky – their relatives neglected to take care of the kids. Many of them were starving, living in terrible conditions.

There are children who suffered from beatings and debauches of drunken parents. These are the children who were not dressed in beautiful pink dresses, did not spend children's holidays for them, they were not even kissed. This attitude is total injustice in relation to the least protected. That is why in Kiev there is a Rehabilitation Center for such children – "City of Happy Children". In this institution, they are given the most important – love, affection, and care and show the children another life in which there is no room for scandals and violence.

The center exists at the expense of charitable contributions of people who are not indifferent, thanks to which the children receive high-quality food, comfortable conditions for living and development. For today, "City of happy children" has one unresolved issue - the purchase of a vehicle. It so happened that without a bus it is very difficult because every morning kids need to be transported to school, to a hospital or to sanitation.

Ruslan Rotan wants to help these children, wants their life in the Center to be more comfortable, so he will run on April 22 his Marathon of Good. Each hryvnia, which Ruslan will collect for the Center, bring all 30 children closer to their dream bus, which will carry happy children to beautiful places!

Thanks to this project, we will collect part of the funds in the framework of the project


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