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I run and help the village! Kinstellar


started 22.3.2018

Project is realized by
CF "Modern village and town"

It’s not the first time lawyers of Kyiv Office of international firm Kinstellar, one of the leading independent law firm in Emerging Europe and Central Asia, taking part in the marathon. Kinstellar team will run Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon to raise funds for rural medical centers in the Cherkassy region.

A small medical center is the only medical facility for people living in their village in almost 50 km from the nearest regional center. Now they have absolutely no inhalers for the treatment of bronchitis, acute respiratory disease, asthmatic patients, for treatment of children, as well as tonometers/heart rate meters for monitoring pressure and pulse. Each such instrument will help the whole village! Kinstellar team supports such charitable initiatives.

By helping others, we make this world better. Join!

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