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I run to Masha heard! LANA TIGRANA


started 15.5.2018

Project is realized by
CF Kiddo

LANA TIGRANA is the creator of the Eastern Culture Center, the head of the Oriental dance school, coach, singer, composer, songwriter.

I have been working with children since I was 18, and from that age, I help them. I know how to combine a healthy way of life with the help of children, like no other, since my healthy way of life is the environment of children, their physical and spiritual development, their formation. In addition to my main activity, I also help the children to stand on their feet, do charity concerts for them, train my pupils to do good things!

After learning the story of Mashenka Yagolnik, who diagnosed bilateral sensorineural deafness was put in at 1.5 years, and the first cochlear implant Masha was put in at 5, I was very impressed. For a year Masha made incredible progress – the baby learned to hear, she became much better to talk. But group lessons and training in a dance group is very difficult for Mashenka. She needs on a second cochlear implant. And then the baby will be able to go to school and to her favorite dances.

I really want Mashenka can dance and enjoy life! Join us and we will run a marathon together, so that Masha will hear! I plan to collect 5 000 UAH.

Funded 51.01 UAH.
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Sum: 51.01 UAH.
Date: 20.05.2018 08:21:01

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