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The development of children's sports grounds - park A.Kovalya 2018


started 23.7.2018

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In the memory of history, people who live in Stari Bezradichii village dared to create in 2016 a better future for their children. Namely - to open park with a sports playground in the memory of the Anatoly Koval, who died heroically during a combat mission in the Donetsk region while the ATO.

The goal of the community this year is to improve and expand the existing playground with additional children's play equipment and install a mirror of road safety before the entering.

A simple man who gave his lives defending the future, the future of his children, the villagers, the future of his country.
He had a son, who left without father. And now this son would be proud to remember the name of his father, after whom the park is named. And walking in the park with his mother when the mother utters a tear, hiding it from a so, the boy will know that his will grow the same bold as his dad! And hi will protect his family and country like his courage father!
It is very important to build a solid foundation for our children for their development.

Budget of Project is 220 000 UAH. This amount includes:
1. Purchase and installation of gaming equipment,
2. Works on dismantling and transferring the existing fencing playground
3. Planting trees and landscaping the playground
4. Installation of additional illumination
5. Installation of a mirror of road safety before the entering.
To familiarize with the previous project realized in 2016 can be found at the link

Funded 178 300 UAH.
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