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Save Anastasia. 2


started 22.11.2018

Project is realized by
СF "Hope and Belief"

13-year-old Anastasia Kuzmina from Kharkov continues treatment. Thanks to the support of caring people, the girl received the drug Temodal necessary for treatment, for which her parents are grateful. Since last year, Anastasia has been desperately struggling with a brain tumor. Behind are the examination, two heavy operations – one on the spinal cord, and during the second, a tumor of the cerebellum was removed – glioblastoma, radiation therapy. 

The girl is undergoing treatment in the oncology department in Kharkiv. Things are going well for her. The analyzes after the “chemistry” are normal, and doctors between the blocks let the child go home. Anastasia has changed: earlier this girl was upset. And now this is an active child, interested in life, has a desire to do everything. The volunteers of the department plan to organize classes for children who are recovering, hippotherapy classes - Anastasia just had a burning desire to take an active part.

Due to illness, the child is at homeschooling in between blocks he has time to catch up with the school curriculum. But the girl will go for the next “chemistry” block, for the passage of which the drug Temodal is required: 100 mg No. 5 – 2 packs, 20 mg No. 5 – 4 packs for a total amount of UAH 12 829. The block lasts 5 days. The drugs are very expensive, the parents do not have the opportunity to purchase them, and the daughter needs to be treated. The girl's mom is asking for help to all caring people.

Doctors give high chances for Anastasia to recover. But without our help, she cannot cope with it! Please support this wonderful girl!

Earlier on UBB, we have already collected money for Nastia. You can view the previous project via the link.


Name: Kuzmina Anastasia, 20.02.2002

City: Kharkiv

Diagnosis: glyoblastoma of the left hemisphere of the cerebellum (G4) intramedullary tumor C2-C3, postoperative condition; total removal of the intramedullary tumor, subtotal removal of the tumor of the posterior cranial fossa, left-sided hemiparesis, atactic syndrome, radicular pain syndrome

Funded 12 829 UAH.
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