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Dimochka needs medicines from leukemia. 2


started 28.11.2018

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СF "Hope and Belief"

In early November, Dima turned 9 years old. The boy met his birthday within the walls of the oncology and hematology department of the ZHDKB. The most important and most important gift that would like to give to Dima on this day is the health. The trouble came to the boy's house in April of this year – it was then that the 8-year-old child was diagnosed with an acute lymphoblastic leukemia T-linear variant. This is a severe form of leukemia that is difficult to treat. 

Now Dima's life is concentrated in the four walls of the hospital ward, and in a desperate struggle for life. Dima steadfastly endures all the painful courses of chemotherapy and painful injections, and permanent procedures and droppers have become commonplace for him. In this case, the boy does not leave a favorite activity is to collect models from the constructor.

Thanks to the support of UBB donors during the first phase of fees, Dima received the necessary medication for treatment. The mother of this boy is optimistic and supports the son. “For the third week, we have been trying our best! Three weeks every day injections of colony stimulating drugs, antibiotics, antifungal agents, "washing", platelet infusions! We cannot start chemotherapy in any way", Dima's mother shares with the news. "But a little bit more and with great leaps and bounds we will walk towards a healthy and happy life!”.

It is very hard to undergoing treatment. Dima has a “collapse” of tests, low platelets, and leukocytes. It can raise them with medication. Dima is now in dire need of the colony-stimulating drug Neupogen in the number of 2 pcs (10 syringes) for a total amount of 15,650 UAH. This amount is big for mother of Dima. For a long period of treatment, their own funds and opportunities of this family have been exhausted. The mother asks all caring people for help because alone can not cope with the illness of his son! Please, support Dima!

Earlier on UBB we already collected money to Dima. View the previous project you can by the link.


Name: Shven Dmytro, 05.11.2009

City: Zhytomyr

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic T-linear leukemia, FAB-variant 1.1, with mediastinal defeat, diffuse lesion of the pleura to the right and multifocal kidney damage, 1st acute period, middle-risk group



Funded 15 650 UAH.
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