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started 26.12.2018

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CF "Archangel Michael"

Immediately after the birth of Masha, the doctors stunned her mother, saying that her girl was sick. When she was one year old, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the worst: they said that Mary could not walk. However, through the efforts of doctors, parents and massage therapists, the girl did make her first steps at the age of three. She developed more slowly than the other children, each new skill she was given with great effort. 

Despite this, she is a very smart girl, she understands everything, although she still cannot speak and express her thoughts beautifully. Marika already writes a little and begins to read, although every word is not easy for her, it is a merit of the doctors who have been working with the girl for 4 years. 

If earlier she was afraid of her own voice, which prevented her from uttering the first words, then after classes with a psychologist it was almost gone. She became more attentive and now thinks better. Classes with a speech therapist brought their results: her sounds and pronunciation became more clear.

Maria really wants to communicate with her peers to go to school, but now she cannot do this. The disease does not allow it to fully develop. In order to achieve positive dynamics, rehabilitation must be carried out constantly. Therefore, we are starting to raise funds for a new course of treatment at the Priority center for Masha. The girl really wants to talk, let's help her!

Earlier at the UBB, we already collected funds for Maria. You can see the previous projects by the link.


Name: Maria Vozna, 23.08.2002

City: Radyvyliv village, Rivne region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, syndrome of severe decline in cognitive functions, bulbar-pseudobulbar syndrome due to an organic lesion of the central nervous system

Funded 29 800 UAH.
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