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Mykola wants to live without pain. 2

Kiev region

started 26.2.2019

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UPD: unfortunately, an hour ago Kolia died. The UBB team brings our most sincere words of condolences to the boy’s family and thanks everyone who supported Mykola.

He did not bother my mother for 40 weeks while he was living under the heart... Mykola is 10th children in a large Kovalchuk family. Parents dreamed of another daughter, so they dared to make a tenth child. And though the family is poor (the father works in the forestry, and the mother is engaged in farming) but still, the family is friendly, and the eldest sons help mom... The whole pregnancy lasted easily and without complications. But the births of Svetlana did not follow the plan: multifamily, doctors forced to artificially cause childbirth, but it was useless... The water left, and the childbirth did not all begin, and the child for a long time was without air. 

The emergence of the world and immediately in the department of neonatology. Diagnosis: severe asphyxiation in childbirth, motor disorders, convulsive syndrome, congenital bilateral pneumonia. After a month in a resuscitation mother and child are discharged home...

Now he is 4 years old, but Mykolalooks like a child up to a year. He does not sit, he does not hold his head, does not speak, does not fix his eyes, he is not interested in toys, he does not even react to his mother. His body reduces himself from standing trial, especially at night, because of this Mykola almost does not sleep. Also, the body of the boy had a disease - cerebral palsy, from which he hurt. Muscles and bones are constantly twisting. Now the boy is in a difficult condition. Doctors can not predict anything about child development. In front of him, he has a long way to go and serious rehabilitation.

Thanks to the UBB donors in September 2018, Mykola provided rehabilitation services, namely, 14 classes with rehab, speech therapy counseling and 6 speech therapy classes. The rehabilitant notes the positive dynamics, reduction of spasticity, also marked active head movements in the direction, fixation of the head for 30-40 seconds. Increase in the amplitude of movements in large joints. Significant reduction of the tremor of the limbs. Speaking at a consultation, the speaker noted that the child only eats food, does not chew and talk independently. Therefore, 6 sessions of speech therapy sessions were conducted, namely, massage of the oral cavity, face, muscle of the hands and chest. It was necessary for vocalization, a formation of articulation positions, movements of the tongue. After the performed positive dynamics is noted, namely, the child appeared on exhalation, some of the faces began to be more mobile.

Mykola has made a certain step forward, but it is necessary to do further. The doctors provided Mother Svetlana with recommendations for home rehab and repeated courses in 3 months. This, in turn, will help small steps to go forward. The first task - to reduce the spasm of the muscles to a minimum and make sure that Mykola kept his head. And then he gradually learned to sit, stand and so on. We sincerely believe that our ward will succeed. Now that he is smiling and recognizing his mother began reacting to his parents who love him, the boy needs rehab. Two rehabilitation costs 32,800 UAH. Let's take Mykola together for pain and make him healthy!

Earlier at UBB, we have already raised funds for Kolia. View the previous project you can by the link.


Name: Kovalchuk Mykola, 12.03.2014

City: Kydanivka village, Kiev region

Diagnosis: microcephaly, cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, cognitive impairment


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Шановні Донори! Збір коштів для Миколи зупинено у зв'язку зі смертю хлопчика. Дякуємо всім хто долучився до збору коштів
Шановні друзі! За результатами проекту сума невикористаних коштів складає 18206,78 грн., просимо донорів, котрі підтримали цей проект, повідомити протягом 14 днів на який інший будь-який Проект перенаправити кошти, надіславши відповідь на У своїй відповіді обов'язково вказати дату сплати, суму, спосіб оплати, ПІБ, номер ордеру (якщо платіж був зроблений через відділення банку). У випадку неотримання відповіді, Ваші кошти будуть перенаправлені в Скарбничку категорії "Здоров'я" і у нас з’явиться можливість врятувати інші життя.
Шановні Донори! На превеликий жаль, годину тому Миколка помер, тому збір коштів на сайті зупинено. Команда УББ приносить наші найщиріші слова співчуття рідним хлопчика та дякує всім, хто підтримував Миколу. Лист із детальнішою інформацією від ОД в рубриці "Документація".

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