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I run because I care. Goryansky


started 11.3.2019

Project is realized by
ICF "Father's Hous

Volodymyr Goriyansky. Actor.

We understand how hard it is for those who do not have the support of their relatives in this life. Orphan children and children who have lost parental care are particularly isolated from society. Neither the state nor the community is concerned about them. That is why I support "Otchiy Dim", which for 23 years has been taking care of those who suffer from loneliness and from a threatening adult society. I run marathon to ensure that "Otchiy Dim" has finally completed sports ground on which children will be able to play and will feel one of us.

Father's House has been working with orphans, homeless children, children deprived of parental care and children who have suffered as a result of hostilities in the Donbass since 1996.

As a result of our work hundreds of children were taken from the streets; families in crisis; received assistance; were rehabilitated; have been adopted or placed in foster families; got education; went to an independent lives and created their own families. And most importantly - children's lives were saved and they have a better future!

Orphans need to feel like ordinary children from your neighborhood. They were not lucky with their parents and that is all their fault. They dream of a sports career and record Olympic achievements for proud by their friends, teachers and all Ukraine

Become a part of Big Family of Father's House!

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