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Medicines for children is the best gift


started 18.4.2019

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Tiny corpses, wrapped in drops and surrounded by monitors, the least weighing several hundred grams. Their life entirely depends on life support devices, because they often do not breathe and feed themselves only through a probe. It is exactly this way that every day in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ukraine, dozens of children, who are simply not lucky enough to be born healthy, have a chance to have a full-fledged childhood. Every month at the institute there are 150 infants with developmental defects, 40 of them fall into resuscitation, 15 – with a critically small weight of 500-700 grams. Such children often develop complications after surgery, viral or bacterial infections. Only those who are expensive with antibiotics can control. 

My birthday is approaching. And I want to use it as a wonderful opportunity to increase the chances of children to recover by acquiring these vital vitamins. From time to time I am in the intensive care unit IPAAG when I come to shoot plots about the kids. I see moms who stand above their cribs and kiss their tiny feet, the only place that can be touched at any moment – the tumors are perianth, handles are clothed with drips, a baby is already a month, and on the pens, it still was not kept. And there would simply be a prayer to survive, but a little prayer. Mom understands – expensive drugs are needed, which can not be bought either by herself or by the state.

Unfortunately, the only profile institution of the state, which includes women with the most severe pathologies of pregnancy, from year to year is critically underfunded. This year instead of the necessary 52 million UAH. The Institute received UAH 8.5 million, that is, only 16% of the need. And this while the whole month of walking a kid in resuscitation IPAAG costs an average of 60 thousand UAH. I do not have my children yet, but I really dream of becoming a mother once. Of course, I want my baby to be born healthy, but I realize: it does not depend on any woman. The fact that a defect develops in a glomerulus under her heart does not affect either lifestyle, nutrition, or status. No one is insured. And everything is left – grab for every chance. My heart is from the seen broken from pain, and what I feel is a maternal I'm afraid to even imagine.

Today, on the eve of my holiday, I want everything to become more and more chicks! A bouquet in the amount of UAH 250 is, for example, a vital pill for a baby, a gift for a thousand UAH – already a whole package. So, friends, please, do not buy anything for me, just press "Support". Once, when I overcame cancer, you have already united and saved my life, so now you know that someone will continue to live through me – believe me, it will be the greatest happiness.

Funded 50 000 UAH.
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