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"Lupus" kills Artem. 2


started 7.5.2019

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He is already tired of fighting his own body... At first – seizures, dizziness, weight gain... Then – paralysis of the limbs, and now the third stroke. His body attacks a systemic lupus erythematosus. And the struggle with him has been going on for several years now. For the 16-year-old Artem Harkavenka, endurance and courage are not empty words. He, a diligent guy, previously professionally engaged in sports - power acrobatics. But now he does not dream of medals and accomplishments. He wants to live... 

12 years of a carefree life. Artyom grows up healthy boy, is well studied, is engaged in sports. But at one moment it all breaks: on the foot of the Artkemka a blister is pulled up, the body literally burns from the high temperature and is covered with blue spots. The reason for this physician is first called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis - a rare ailment, a failure in the functioning of the immune system when the body itself is perceived as hostile. Treatment from it does not help, the boy only gets worse, there are attacks of epilepsy, followed by an ischemic stroke. He is striking legs. Two years of treatment with hormones, once a slim sports boy, they "inflate" like a balloon, but they do not help everything, everything is dark. In despair, a year ago parents take their son to the IPAG.

And again, expensive treatment and a long-term quest for a diagnosis. Systemic lupus erythematosus, a genetic disease hiding in the body of a child for years, doctors recognize only in three months, but later recognize – powerless. She kills her ruthlessly... Thanks to you last year, we helped to buy a very expensive Mabtra drug, which helped to contain the disease, but today it is necessary to strengthen the immunity of the child and raise the level of immunoglobulin to counter the disease.

Every month Artem is being treated at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology – Boven therapy is undergoing therapy. 5 bottles per month are his chance to live. The body loses its immunity and no longer has the strength to fight the disease. The guy needs an immunoglobulin in the body, which will help strengthen the immunity so that Artem could continue to hold on to life. There is currently 1 bottle of a drug in the IPAG stock and in the near future, no state procurement of this drug is foreseen. To give Artem a full course of treatment this month, we need 4 more bottles worth UAH 17,356. For a family that is depleted by many years of expensive treatment, this is a non-compensable amount.

The manufacturer went to meet us and agreed to provide the drug in debt, but with the condition to pay in the near future. We want to give Artem's parents the opportunity to bring up their son, and the boy is a chance for the future and new victories. Any amount from you can be decisive! Together we can more!

Earlier at UBB, we have already collected funds to Artem. View the previous project you can by the link.


Name: Artem Garkavenko, 08.04.2003

City: Kiev

Diagnosis: systemic lupus erythematosus

Funded 17 356 UAH.
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