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SINOPTIK sing for those who do not hear


started 8.5.2019

Project is realized by
CF "Svichado"

Ukrainian tour "I hear – I live" is intended to help children with hearing problems. Today in Ukraine there are more than a million people with hearing impairments, and more than one hundred thousand have a deafness diagnosis. Out of every thousand newborns, 2-3 children experience auditory deficiencies that can be diagnosed with the necessary equipment. Identification and treatment of this problem in newborns, allows you to minimize or even completely eliminate the further lag of the child in speech and hearing development. Unfortunately, today not even all regional hospitals in Ukraine have the necessary diagnostic equipment for this. 

Understanding the role that hearing plays in shaping the personality of each of us, SINOPTIK wants to help hear the world around those in need. First of all, it concerns newborn children who have a chance to live a full life, having received timely assistance. People who devote themselves to creating and performing music cannot even imagine life in a world without sounds.

Together with the charitable foundation Svichado and the UВВ, the group aims to:
- to draw public attention to the existing problem and attract as many caring people as possible;
- send part of the profits from the tour to purchase the necessary equipment for screening.

Today in Ukraine there is no state support for screening newborns. Therefore, hearing impairment can be diagnosed at the age of 4-5 years. In a family where everyone hears, often parents may not even suspect that they may have a deaf child. They lose time and wait until 2-3 years for the child to talk. This leads to dire consequences, because late diagnosis of hearing loss is a missed opportunity, including making cochlear implantation in a timely manner and minimizing the lag in the child’s hearing and speech development.

What in the world?
The modern development of technology and the creation of appropriate diagnostic equipment can detect hearing impairment at any age, even in newborns. Hearing screening in newborns and young children is a standardized hearing test designed to quickly and reliably detect children who are hearing impaired with a high degree of probability. Having introduced an early diagnosis system and provided children with timely cochlear implantation, we will have fewer children with hearing and speech problems. We want to buy a device for the diagnosis of hearing in newborns for the Ukrainian hospital, where every day they save the lives of newborns. And that you can help us do it!

All over the world, people with hearing impairments do not have limitations or difficulties in everyday communication, study and creativity due to timely diagnosis and treatment. Join the initiative, help give hundreds and thousands of Ukrainian children a chance for a full life. You can even contribute by simply distributing information about a charity program, or donating any amount, or buy a ticket to a SINOPTIK concert.

The all-Ukrainian tour "I hear – I live" starts on September 20 with a performance in the Dnieper, and ends on November 30 with a big solo concert in the capital Caribbean Club Music Hall. Concerts will be held in the 20 largest cities of the country. Come to concerts, or just make your contributions to the project. Little help does not happen and only we can help children to hear this world!

Total need 125 000 UAH.
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