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Repair the baby-rescue device


started 31.5.2019

Project is realized by
CF "Svichado"

The prematurely born child due to the underdevelopment of organs after birth enters the intensive care unit. Here begin the most responsible resuscitation actions. And it is the resuscitation table that becomes a longhouse for a newborn. The table provides the optimum temperature for the correct heat exchange of the infant, ensures optimal access to the patient from 4 sides and makes it possible to carry out complex urgent operations, all other devices are connected to it (infusion pump, pulse oximeters, flow sensors, etc.). When such a table breaks, doctors simply do not know what to do! How can babies be nursed without special equipment? Such a table broke in Chernivtsi and the purpose of the project to fix it. 

A premature baby in the first 10 days of life usually has an average body temperature of 35.2°C. Its fluctuations can reach 2-3°C. The situation of such children is complicated by the fact that their energy resources are very limited. The fact is that the energy costs of the newborn are offset by the splitting of fats. The premature baby has practically no fat deposits. In addition, its digestive juice contains few enzymes that can break down milk fats. Therefore, a premature baby is not able to provide itself with energy in the right quantity, which, in particular, explains the features of its thermoregulation.

The body temperature of a prematurely born child largely depends on the ambient temperature. In addition, she loses a lot of heat, because the ratio of the surface of her body to the mass is very large. The loss of heat could be hampered by an insulating layer of grease, but it is missing. As a result, premature babies overheat and supercool even easier than full-term babies. This danger remains for them for several months.

Doctors use resuscitation tables, which have special sensors for thermoregulation and provide control over the fact that the child is not overcooled but not overheated, to control the body temperature of small crumbs. In the Chernivtsi Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, it was the heating element in the resuscitation table for newborns that broke and it is impossible to save the lives of babies without it.

Due to lack of funding from the state, doctors are forced to turn to caring people and ask for help. The goal of our project is to pay for the repair of the heating element in the table.

Help us fix an important medical device! Maybe it is he who in the future will save the life of a future artist, writer or scientist.

Funded 5 910 UAH.
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