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Hematology fights with pneumonia


started 8.11.2012

Project is realized by
Public Organization "Via Vite"

The department of hematology of the Khmelnytsk Children Hospital used to the fact that it is necessary to fight with one more enemy of health – pneumonia. The trouble is to detect it in human during the course of chemotherapy is extremely difficult. To succeed with this can only special device – a pulse oximeter, which the department doesn’t have. We collect funds for its purchase to protect oncology children without immunity from another dreaded word – pneumonia.

There are only 20 in-patient beds in the department of hematology of the Khmelnytsk Children Hospital. Bu they are never empty: a full course of cancer treatment sometimes takes 2 years. Due to the almost total lack of immunity in patients, the situation is often complicated by additional diseases. Thus, children constantly sick with pneumonia in the department.

Pneumonia in children who are on chemo is a special one. The disease is revealed itself insidiously: gradually and imperceptibly. It is impossible to see something on the X-ray, while listening to the lugs they are clear. Nevertheless, the disease is on the up. Pneumonia is dangerous for healthy adult, what can we say about oncology children without immunity, it is very dangerous.

In this case to provide with a help and find out pneumonia in time can only a special apparatus – a pulse oximeter. It measures a level of oxygen in the blood. There is no such apparatus in the department of hematology! To measure the level of oxygen a nurse forced to go with the patient to – sometimes “sleeping” baby! – the intensive care unit that is in another hospital building.

Our organization has defined a goal to collect any funds for the purchase of such apparatus. The presence of pulse oximeter will detect pneumonia in the early stages, because not neglected cases can be treated easily and quickly.

Funded 20 000 UAH.
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000 000 000 UAH

ШОУМАСТГОУОН: Надежда Мейхер

Sum: 20000.00 UAH.
Date: 16.11.2012 17:04:45

Сумма проекта изменена: в связи с тем, что Организация нашла своими силами дополнительные средства, Оператор Помощи подал заявку на уменьшение общей суммы проекта до 20 тысяч гривен. Просьба была удовлетворена, письмо-просьбу Оператора смотрите в разделе Документация.
Во время химиотерапии уничтожаются клетки злокачественные, но как побочное явление уничтожаются хорошие клетки крови – лейкоциты, эритроциты, тромбоциты. Итог – различные воспаления, а самое опасное – воспаление лёгких. Пульсоксиметром можно заподозрить ранние проявления пневмонии, даже когда не видно на рентгене, и своевременно начать лечение. Организованны благотворительные акции всех профтехучилищ Хмельницкой области, акции на день Святого Николая в гимназии №1, сборы денег для отделения в сети магазинов, работа волонтеров Христианской общины с детьми гематологического отделения (арт-терапия). Будут принимать участие в проекте родители, сотрудники отделения (врачи, медсестры, несколько десятков волонтеров, а также будут использоваться деньги ГО «Виа Витэ»).

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