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A tiny life that hangs in the balance


started 3.6.2019

Project is realized by
CF "Svichado"

A tiny little body, small hands, complete dependence on doctors and vital equipment. This is how the life of premature babies begins. Their only chance of salvation is high-tech and modern medical equipment, which in the first months of life completely replace the underdeveloped organs. Every 15 children in Ukraine needs such help and only we can save their lives. 

A prematurely born child requires constant monitoring by doctors, monitoring and maintaining vital functions of the body, developing breathing and heartbeat. There are many pathologies, the development of which is accompanied by a chronic lack of oxygen in the blood of a child. A pulse oximeter is designed to detect oxygen starvation and monitor the heartbeat of young patients. The special medical device that allows you to quickly measure how capillary blood hemoglobin is saturated with oxygen.

Oxygen delivery to the cells of tissues is the most important function of this protein, necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Thanks to the pulse oximeter, this important indicator can be determined non-invasively – and this means that the crumbs will be deprived of such a painful and unpleasant procedure as blood sampling. And they will always be in direct contact with the medical staff because, in case of any deviation from the norm, the pulse oximeter unit will sound the medical staff.

Another important indicator for emergency care for a baby is blood pressure. Problems with pressure lead to a decrease in blood flow in the brain, and this is also incredibly dangerous. Blood pressure is an important indicator of the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Changes in blood pressure during the care of a prematurely born child can save lives and eliminate further complications in the work of the body of young patients.

Pulse Oximeter, which we want to purchase at Odessa City Maternity Hospital No. 2, has not only a convenient monitor, continuity in operation (even when the light is turned off, the battery turns on) and the ability to signal danger but also special blood pressure measurement sensors! This is simply an indispensable device when nursing premature babies! Every child has the right to life, and only we can save the little patients who were born before the appointed time!

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