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Best Gift is Mariana’s Health


started 12.7.2019

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Hello. My name is Olga Modina. I am a journalist from Radio Svoboda and a mother. On July 14th I will celebrate my birthday. And although I will be 29 years old, I still believe in miracles. I believe in magicians that save children when timely and correctly diagnosis is made, in superheroes that perform surgeries and do everything possible and impossible for kids to survive, in incredible forces that help children to receive rehabilitation and forget forever about those difficult times. And I believe in all of us because even with a little contribution we can help. And that’s great!

I am a mom and I know how hard it is when your child is ill. That’s why the best gift for my birthday would be to help three-year-old Mariana. When the girl was nine months old, she had convulsions. The doctors explained that it was caused by fever. The doctors explained that it was caused by fever. After that, the girl’s head tilted to the left side, and physiotherapy was prescribed. Only a year later it turned out that Mariana had a tumor. Four days after the surgery aimed at removing the brain tumor Mariana fell into a coma, the girl’s life was saved and then a complicated rehabilitation process started. The child was behind other kids of her age and, frankly speaking, some asserted that "there was no chance for any improvement." However, the parents’ stubbornness and faith proved the opposite. Now Mariana distinguishes between "family and friends" and "strangers", is more active, can eat independently. But she needs one more rehabilitation cycle to consolidate the achieved progress.

I hope that together we will be able to raise the necessary amount and give a chance to three-year-old Mariana to get well and have a happy childhood: and she will be able to shout joyfully "mom" and "daddy" and hug her parents, jump, run and play with her peers, and in general to explore this world.

I am sure that the raised money, and then the successful rehabilitation cycle, will be the best birthday gift.

I collect only part of the required amount. Maryan's main project is here.

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