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ICF "Everybody Сan"

Each of us has unfortunate occasions when everything seems to be provided, calculated, the plan is thoroughly laid out, but... at the very last moment, some trifle, some flaw, or just a combination of circumstances completely cross out all the work which was done before. And how bitter and insulting this is. But even more painful, when it comes to the treatment of children. For several months ahead they made an appointment for rehabilitation. A funds that will raise funds for treatment on its account was found. Money for travel and accommodation were found. Month before train tickets were bought. Accommodation booked and prepaid. Dust particles are blown away from the child so that, God forbid, not get sick in front of the road. And now, just a few days before departure, the rehabilitation center raises the price for its services. Everything is collapsing! 

And the child is looking at you with clear eyes. The one for which parents are ready to roll mountains if only to put on its feet. If only he had no pain. If only this little fragile kid would never suffer. But at this moment you feel only powerlessness... The same story happens when a child needs to undergo medical courses of treatment. When taking pills (injections, droppers) should begin at a strictly regulated time. And, right before the start of the course, it suddenly turns out that the cost of drugs has raised. And there is absolutely nowhere to take money...

Unfortunately, there is no stability in the country now. Prices are rising. And we cannot influence it. The Everybody Can foundation takes care of about 32 children, who regularly need rehabilitation and treatment. And, as a rule, we know about price increases in advance and take the necessary measures. But, unforeseen situations do happen. So that children do not suffer, we announce an urgent fundraising campaign for such situations.

Total need 10 000 UAH.
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