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Zdorovenki buly


started 4.9.2019

Project is realized by
ICF "Caritas Ukraine"

When asked to tell about herself, Oleksandra Mikhailovna modestly and with a smile, as if she was immersed in the spit of the past years, starts her story, reluctantly, and constantly asks whether she is taking our working time, because she appreciates the time of others. In the first words, ordinary everyday history is quite typical of our society.

A young, active, hardworking student-honors student, she later graduates with honors and decides to move to Ukraine to the city of Anthracite, Lugansk region, from another country. It is in Ukraine that the new life story of a young and purposeful girl begins. Dating a future husband, finding a job, settling in new conditions.

The story of dating a future man makes her tearful, especially the awe and tenderness with which Ms. Alexander talks about it. Next - weddings, employment as a kindergarten teacher. Later, she was deservedly the head of the same kindergarten for over 40 years. For a man, it is a mine that will later imprint health and take a life at a young age. Fate spared neither the young widow nor the children who were left without a father. Difficult times began, children had to be put on their own feet, to provide everything necessary for life. In 1988, the fate sends a new test - oncology, later diabetes, which still accompanies a woman, as if an old enemy, constantly reminding herself.

2014. The next ordeal is a war that has suddenly burst into normal life and forced itself to flee its hometown and home.
Like most IDPs, Oleksandra Mikhailovna left everything she had bought and only fled with documents to a new, alien, but hospitable city. Kharkov met the old woman with new tests. Accommodation, status registration - survival. The year 2019 struck the most painful blow - the death of his son. Alexandra is left alone with her troubles and decides to seek the help of strangers for the first time, because she cannot provide basic needs, for example, to get to the clinic for the insulin on which her life has long depended.

The story of this strong, tormented woman's torment and trials, as well as similar life stories of 40 wards of the Home Care project,  raises many questions in her head: "Life or survival?", "How to be such people, where and at what door to knock for help?", "How long does it take to heal our society?".

The only way out and rescue for the elderly, who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, is the help of social workers of the Home Care project. But the resources of our project may not always satisfy all the numerous needs of such individuals. At present we need 15 thousand hryvnias to purchase the means of art therapy and to continue the functioning of the Leisure Platform "Zdorovenki buly".

Total need 15 000 UAH.
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