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Kilometers for orphans. Anna Andres


started 5.9.2019

Project is realized by
CO "Home of Happy Children"

My name is Anna Andres and this is my second charity race for the little children of orphans who live in the Help Center "Home of happy children."

In the spring, you supported me and the children and collected 75,000 hryvnias to pay for a recreation camp for kids at sea in the Kherson region. This time my goal is to raise funds to provide each child with comfortable living conditions. Let us collect funds for utility bills for a charity that has been saving wounded children's souls for 11 years and giving them shelter.

Imagine at least for a minute what your life would be like without your parents. As it would be, not their perseverance, not their support, not their severity, not their advice and instructions. Presented? So there are tens of thousands of such lives in our country. Tens of thousands of those who have never heard their mother’s lullaby, who have not heard their father’s advice, who did not know the tenderness and did not feel the hugs, who have never heard the most important words: “You are the best, I am proud of you, you will succeed!” or just “I love you!”. Children deprived of parental care are deprived of childhood. Whom mother abandoned in the maternity hospital, died at someone, whose father went to prison for the murder of his mother, who became addicted to drugs, they became more important than anything else.

Children who find themselves overboard and unnecessary to their loved ones find shelter in a help center unique in nature. It is focused on round-the-clock accommodation at the same time of 30 minors aged 3 to 15 years. All of them went through a difficult life path, survived traumatic events that distorted their worldview and led to a divorce from their families. "Home of happy children” actually performs the same function as a state shelter, but the approach to rehabilitation of children differs dramatically.
First of all, they provide an individual approach to each child who is not able to provide the state system. The Center exists entirely at the expense of charitable funds from caring people and now they need my help with you.

The aim of the project is to raise funds to pay utility bills (heat, water, electricity and rental space). And it is precisely you and I who will be able to make their home, which is being treated for spiritual trauma, warm and comfortable for life.

Join my Marathon and help the children live in the best shelter until there are new moms and dads for them.


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