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The road to the heart. Urgent help to children


started 7.9.2019

Project is realized by
СF "Your Support"

The situation with pediatric cardiology is catastrophic. 51.67% of children (i.e., children during the first 28 days of life) who have a complex form of congenital heart disease die.

Even from simple forms of heart defects, 42.3% of children die. 30% of children are discharged from the hospital even without suspicion of a terrible diagnosis. Half of them die. Every year in Ukraine, more than 800 children die from cardiovascular diseases.

Our goal is to change that!

Often the price of children's life and health - an operation is performed on time. And at the M.Amosov Institute there are doctors who professionally perform their task, but common problems can arise - shortages of medicines, outdated equipment, lack of funds.

We sincerely strive to help children who need it. But this is difficult to do on your own.

The goal of this project is to raise funds and help children with critical congenital heart defects. After all, in order to conduct surgery on the heart of one child, you need at least 40 thousand hryvnias. Institute named after M. Amosov accepts children from all over Ukraine. Often, the amount of 40,000 hryvnia is excessive for an ordinary family. Especially if the operation is urgently needed.

With the collected amount, we can save hundreds of children who are on the verge of life and death, and their life depends only on money.

Support the project and it is you who will save someone's small life!

Total need 1 500 000 UAH.
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