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GT: House for doggy, Denis Volosov


started 19.11.2019

Project is realized by
CF "Happy Paw"

“Everyone should have a roof over their heads, not live in damp, and be warm. Unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. Winter is approaching, but many animals in the shelter do not have a place where it will be warm. I am concerned about this problem, so I want to draw attention to raising funds for the construction of booths for the shelter of the Sumy Society for the Protection of Animals in Sumy. The shelter takes care of animals very much, but they do not have the opportunity to build booths on their own. Let's raise funds together and help build a doghouse for every dog ”- Denis Volosov.

We really want every dog to have a warm house. In the shelter of the Sumy Society for the Protection of Animals (Sumy), there was a serious problem with the booths. Due to lack of funding, they need new animal kennels. Therefore, so that the pussies were ready for the winter cold and could feel warm, they really need new houses.

In addition, an animal that feels warm and comfortable finds a family faster. Let's help the dogs build what they need so much.

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