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Run for teens to have summer. Kateryna Tsygankova


started 10.3.2020

Project is realized by
CF "Step forward"

I am a mother, a writer, a private entrepreneur and a marathon runner. I can turn small steps into long distances. Running for disabled teens to go to a summer inclusive camp. Summer camp for children is always a joy, rest, new adventures and friends. Whether in the mountains, over the river, or at the seaside – unforgettable memories are guaranteed. But there are children and teens who live in orphanages, and rarely have the opportunity to go outside because of the lack of funds, the opportunities, and unsustainable infrastructure. 

In 2018 and 2019, we organized Summer Inclusion and Adaptation Camps for Youth with Disabilities in partnership with the "Dzherela" Charity in the city of Boguslav, Kyiv region. The theme of the camp were Self-Service Skills and Financial Literacy and Basic Computer Literacy.

In this camp, we teach teenagers with disabilities from orphanages self-service skills, computer skills, and how to develop social skills and ability to navigate in everyday life situations.

The camp will be conducted on the basis of the Center for Transit Accommodation for Youth with Disabilities run by Charitable Association "Dzherela", located in the picturesque city of Boguslav. It will last 10 days. A very professional team of psychologists, social workers and volunteers with a great experience of social adaptation of youth with disabilities will work with the youth.


This project was canceled, the amount collected is 7338.34 UAH. The funds were disposed of in accordance with the Rules, Principles, and Procedures of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace (UBB) International Charitable Fund and the decisions of the Project Donors.

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