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Life for Two

Kharkiv. Started 18.5.2018

Five-year-old Dima Ovcharenko twice returned from that world. The inability to walk independently is the only thing that distinguishes him from ordinary children. The family was expecting the birth of two boys. Pregnancy has gone extremely hard. Doctors warned that one boy was born with a heart malformation. It was planned that Victoria will give birth in Kiev, but according to medical records, it could not be transported even by sanitation. Both boys came into existence six months in the Kharkov perinatal center.

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Rays of Victory

All Ukraine. Started 16.5.2018

What if any bacteria can give rise to an infectious disease of a child? There are some children that are especially vulnerable. Their mothers get used to not only clean the house but to keep it sterile. It is not a whim or excessive care, but the way to reduce the frequency of attacks for the children with cystic fibrosis, our fund is patronizing. We want our children to come to the clinic less, and kindly ask your help to procure sterilizing lamps that will make the place where children live safer.

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I want to go home to my sister

Zhytomyr region. Started 13.6.2018

In her almost 3 years Veronica cannot boast of the usual achievements of a child of her age. She still does not hold her head, does not turn over, does not sit, does not crawl, does not walk. These "does not" are very frightening parents. However, they together with their daughter fight for a healthy future without cerebral palsy. And right now, when she has all the reflexes saved, her motor skills can be corrected. For later it may be late...

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Mom of 5 children will die without treatment

Lviv region. Started 29.11.2017

Regardless of age, each of us needs a mother. Mom for a child is support, protection and unlimited love. Mom is the most precious person in the whole world. Now five children, two of whom are still very young and small, may remain orphans. Their mother – Yulia Kaviy – is suffering from a serious illness – pulmonary hypertension. This disease is rare and insidious, striking vital organs: heart and lungs. Yuliya’s stage of the disease is progressing. Complex therapy does not help her anymore, and she gets worse every day.

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For premature babies' breathing!

Odessa. Started 18.6.2018

Prematurely born children cannot breathe through the mouth due to their physiological characteristics. They breathe only through the nose! After birth, such a child is on artificial ventilation for some time, because an epithelium of the child's respiratory tract is damaged, though it is restored over time. This damaged epithelium, along with the mucus that is physiologically produced in the respiratory tract, exudes and rises to the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx, mouth, nose). Mucus (sputum) accumulates and creates an obstacle to the air that the child breathes. 

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Are you my mom?

Lviv. Started 21.6.2018

"My name is Misha, I'm 4. My mom died a month after the birth, but I know she's looking from heaven and helping me fight my illness – cerebral palsy. I want to someday learn to sit, stand, walk and play with other kids. And even more I want to write "mother" with my pen, then she will hear me and be proud of me...".

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Center for socialization of children with disabilities – OPEN

Kiev. Started 18.6.2018

Charity Kurazh Bazar Flower Power is absolute happiness, freedom, lightness, and love – a real little Woodstock in Kiev. June 23-24 will be possible to plunge into a positive bocho-atmosphere, put on everything mottled, drown in the oceans of flowers and truly relax.

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"Symphony of Life" – to hear the world around

All Ukraine. Started 22.6.2018

In developed countries, there is a system for auditory screenings of newborns and appropriate early intervention. In Ukraine, there is no system of early detection of hearing impairment. Diagnostic and therapeutic options in Ukraine are limited
As a result, hearing impairment is detected quite late, which often leads to irreparable consequences. Our task is to create an opportunity for early diagnosis of hearing impairment of newborn babies and timely clinical intervention.

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IronHelp: Kolia Kіbets fpr Sevil

Kiev. Started 13.6.2018

"I’ll win for Sevil and with her".

Indeed, on June 16th Kolia Kіbets, a co-founder of online sports projects "ZhirKiller", "Forms in Norm", "Hard Nuts to Crack", will pass Ironman 70.3 distance in Estonia. He will dedicate his start to Sevil. This girl won the fight against cancer. She survived thanks to her desire to live, to her strength to the spirit and to her desire to reach the goal. Now she needs to replace the endoprosthesis which will save her leg from amputation.

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Where you walking with your dog?

Brovary. Started 13.12.2017

The city is safe for EVERYBODY! This is a dream of a schoolgirl Sofia. Sofia is not just a schoolgirl, but also an owner of a dog Mani, who does not have a place to play with friends, or just run away or quietly do something without disturbing others. In the Brovary city, as in many cities of Ukraine, there are no necessary conditions for this.

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