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Little Victoria wins over the disease. 3

Kharkiv. Started 7.10.2019

Each mother wishes her child a happy childhood and a happy life, as well as the opportunity to learn and communicate with peers. The mother of little Victoria wishes her daughter the same.

From a letter from mom:
“When Vika was born, doctors fought for her life in the intensive care unit for two weeks and on the 15th day they told me that she had chosen her life under the sun and that it was not for nothing that you called her Victoria (Victory).

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I want to go home to my sister. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 4.9.2019

While Veronica is undergoing another course of treatment, her older sister is waiting for her at home. Veronica has cerebral palsy, and most of her time she devotes to the fight against this ailment. It all started from the moment the girl was born prematurely: first, there was fetal asphyxiation, then cesarean, then resuscitation, jaundice, blood transfusion and irreversible changes in the central nervous system. 

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Childhood will be! 2

Mykolaiv region. Started 29.10.2019

Friday. February 10, 2017. I’m very good in mom’s tummy. From the first days, mom called me Kolenka. Every day I hear that mommy loves me. And waiting for a meeting. I grew up already big. I am already 40 weeks old. At the last ultrasound, we were told that my weight is 3950 grams. Mom is so happy. I didn’t want to be born yet. But ... They decided for us. Doctors began to stimulate labor. It was very hard for me. I began to choke. I drowned in water. There were no more forces. I'm stuck in a basin.

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The fight is a lifetime. 2

Kiev. Started 10.5.2019

The appearance on the world of 28 weeks of pregnancy with a weight of 1400 grams for a baby does not carry anything good. Reanimation is the first place where it falls. Yaroslava himself did not breathe, did not eat, was connected to the apparatuses. It was impossible to predict doctors, because the lives of the children were on the verge. Three months in intensive care and the girl started to grow a little. There were forces to breathe and eat milk on their own. Mum with a kid is discharged home, but warns that the child may have cerebral palsy. And this was done, after a year the doctors were unanimous in the diagnosis. 

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To return Artem to a full life

Zaporizhia. Started 16.10.2019

Artem is an active, mischievous, and cheerful fellow "the life of the party" is said about such people. From birth, he was extremely curious, eagerly studying everything new that came into his field of vision. At music school, he played saxophone; judo formed his strength and courage. Such a harmonious development of the soul and body, consciousness and physical education. Music and sports became a part of his life for the long haul. Artem found exactly what he really enjoys and what brings him pleasure. The way he combined these seemingly incompatible hobbies surprised everyone. Nonetheless, he had high hopes, in both music and sports. 

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The child is crippled by a doctor's negligence

Odessa region. Started 30.9.2019

Artem was a long-awaited child for his parents. His mother Anna was very happy to get pregnant. All went well during the pregnancy without complications but towards the end of the term of her pregnancy, the ultrasound showed that the baby was entangled in the umbilical cord and had already gained 4.1kg. The doctor did not pay enough attention to this issue and allowed Anna to give birth in a natural way. It was a serious mistake. Unfortunately, Artem experienced oxygen starvation. The consequences were irreversible. Now Artem lives with cerebral palsy.

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Care for premature babies

Odessa and Kherson. Started 10.9.2019

Premature birth almost always unexpected, they are afraid of the unknown outcome, feelings, after all, come to the fore fears about the health of the baby born prematurely. Modern methods of first aid and nursing of premature children born in the period from 26 to 28 weeks allow most children to save lives. But this requires the availability of modern equipment in hospitals. 

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Yesenia hopes for your help! 5

Kryvyi Rih. Started 5.11.2019

In the photo – Yesenia. A girl with a truly difficult fate. She has been suffering from convulsive syndrome and spastic tetraparesis syndrome for 5 years, and her father supports her in this. His love and warmth is a force that prevents Yesenia from building up, it is a strength from two: from the pope, who is always nearby, and from his mother, he looks at his daughter from heaven... Yesenia has come a long way. He was in pain and frustration, and the joy of new skills and strength to move on. 

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Help disadvantaged orphans. 2

Kiev. Started 29.10.2019

The Home of Happy Children Center has been helping disadvantaged children since 2007. At the Center, such children take refuge and finally end up in a safe place. These are children who survived too much – violence, starvation, they were abandoned by their own parents, in some of them loved ones died and nobody needs them. The Center provides children with the necessary: food, accommodation, training. Along with this, socio-psychological rehabilitation begins after the tragedies experienced. The center exists only at the expense of caring people, and now it urgently needs help to continue to save children. 

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Sasha needs medicine, to live. 5

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 16.10.2019

The happiest period in everyone's life is childhood. Sasha is growing, he will be 5 years old soon! At this age, there are many questions about everything around. The baby enjoys walking with other children. He likes to play cars, watch his favorite cartoons about trains: "Trains-robots", "Chaggington". "He loves animals, he doesn't have his own pet", the boy's mother says. "But he is very interested in them. Very glad to be able to ride a pony. Like every child is better for his parents, he is special to us, he is our universe". 

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