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Give a chance to Misha

Kryvyi Rih. Started 12.1.2018

Misha is one of the twins that were born before the delivered line by c-section. Mishenka was born very weak, the first year of his life was extremely difficult. The boy often hurt, slept little and was constantly capricious. He seemed to draw attention to himself. At least then it looked like this...

Зроблено Funded 29 250 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Young mother needs help. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.1.2018

Positive, comprehensively developed, educated and very sociable. It's all about Ira Vlasyuk from Gaisin Vinnytsia region. The girl is already familiar to UBB donors. Thanks to the support of people who are not indifferent, Irina twice received the necessary medicines, for which she is very grateful! Recall that at Irina was found an oncological disease - a neurosarcoma of the retroperitoneal space. All the forces, means and capabilities of a young woman are aimed at fighting this insidious disease.

Сплатити Need 7 836 UAH
Still needed
000 001 136 UAH

I smile – I walk. 4

Zaporizhia region. Started 8.12.2017

Letter from mother of girl:
"The birth of our daughter is a miracle we have been looking forward to for so long! Even though the physicians could not diagnose our little Polina, we kept on noticing alarming symptoms – she could not suck milk. Her developmental delay soon became evident - our daughter could not sit or crawl. Polina was eventually diagnosed with an atonic-astatic form of cerebral palsy and lumbar scoliosis of 3-4 stage.

Сплатити Need 32 550 UAH
Still needed
000 001 465 UAH

Signal for help from little patients. 6

Kherson. Started 11.1.2018

Prematurely born children are so impatient that they come to this world earlier than their lungs are fully developed and before their hearts start beating stable. It is vital to constantly keep an eye on the pulse and the breathing of the prematurely born child. There are also many pathologies, of which there is a chronic lack of oxygen in the blood – hypoxia. For the monitoring and maintenance of vital functions of the body – breathing and heart beating of small patients, there is a specific medical device – a pulse oximeter.

Сплатити Need 41 300 UAH
Still needed
000 039 704 UAH

Put the boy on the legs

Vinnytsia region. Started 29.12.2017

The only and long-awaited mama's son, Nikita, was born on time and developed very well. At 7 months the boy was already walking the bed, holding on to the railing. But happiness in the family was short-lived: at 11 months the child became ill, the diagnosis was viral encephalitis. Resuscitation... During the day, Nikita lost all his skills, he even stopped holding his head, stopped chewing, swallowed, his face twisted. The only thing left is a sweet smile in the world on his lips, in spite of the intolerable pain that affects his body and brain.

Сплатити Need 355 000 UAH
Still needed
000 150 529 UAH

Two weeks to save Tymophii

Cherkasy region. Started 18.1.2018

It is difficult to understand where a happy young family can take such a grief. Young parents Angela and Alexander were waiting for their happiness firstborn and were the happiest in the world when little Tymophii was born. The kid grew up, developed, smiled to his parents, had a slightly yellowish tint of the skin, as many children, bilirubin - jaundice. But once when he caught a cold and had an injection his blood did not curtail, it was the alert, then - analysis, Ochmatdit, examination, diagnosis - biliary atresia, biliary cirrhosis and the purpose of liver transplantation!

Сплатити Need 300 000 UAH
Still needed
000 253 250 UAH

Beyond the sound

Kherson. Started 21.12.2017

Three-year-old Ostap Panych doctors for a year unsuccessfully treated for autism. The child underwent courses of drug stimulation of the brain, exciting nervous activity and sometimes painful, took a huge number of medicines, which, as it turned out, were unnecessary to him. And only very recently the child showed a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the 4th degree. It turned out that Ostap simply did not hear his parents and peers and because of that, he could not communicate with them! There was no autism in the child. Now it urgently needs to be operated - and with the help of expensive cochlear implants to restore hearing.

Сплатити Need 500 030 UAH
Still needed
000 362 742 UAH

Overcome lymphoma

Kryvyi Rih. Started 26.12.2017

Anna Marchuk fights non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for three years. Now cancer "settled" in the lungs and throttles her. Though the girl has a chance to return to a healthy life. Turkish doctors are ready to treat the woman. It will cost $ 40,000. Anna Marchuk is 29 years old. She is a beloved wife, a talented apparel designer, and dedicated her free time to the rescue of homeless animals. In the summer of 2014, Anya began to cough.

Сплатити Need 500 000 UAH
Still needed
000 472 990 UAH

Relapse... Save Kira from leukemia!

Odessa. Started 13.12.2017

"We have an ordinary family, a second child is our princes. As we wanted: the boy and the girl. Diet, doctor’s prescriptions, tests. Fast childbirth in time, breastfeeding. It was a lovely child; there were no problems with her during first six months. And then everything turned upside down... I look at Kira’s photos, there are walks, and ponytails, and brother, and christenings, and toys, and smiles... Then the onset of the disease – the first lymph node, then the bandages on the rest lanced lymph nodes, the first hospitalization, catheters, bruises because of low platelets, anesthesia, drips, chemotherapy, pain, resuscitation...

Сплатити Need 1 000 000 UAH
Still needed
000 482 951 UAH

Absolute miracle for Mishenka. 3

Kiev. Started 7.4.2017

Do you remember Misha Prudnikov? We have twice collected money for his treatment. The boy had already passed two courses of rehabilitation in Montenegro, but there is still a long way to recovery. The health of the child depends on the money –parents have to pay the way to the hospital and the rehabilitation. So parents, once again we appeal for help to the donors of Ukrainian philanthropic marketplace. So parents once again appeal for help to the donors of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace.

Зроблено Funded 118 630.44 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH