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To hear the clatter of legs. 2

Luhansk region. Started 15.8.2019

Baby Nikita was born on 27.07.16. The child was welcomed and long-awaited. Parents went a long and exhausting way to finally see the two treasured stripes on the test. Family happiness knew no bounds! However, the challenges have only just begun. At 19 weeks, the threat of pregnancy loss, emergency surgery, conservation happened. Before delivery, the mother did not leave the hospital. It was scary and hard, but the hope that very soon it would all be over did not leave. The son was born at the 36th week by emergency cesarean section. 

Зроблено Funded 25 900 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Moment that changed life

Zaporizhia region. Started 14.6.2019

Four years ago, the fatal case radically changed the life of Vlad. After jumping into the water being completely healthy, he opened his eyes already in intensive care. Alive! But at the same time, he was completely immobilized... From that very moment, the hardest work on himself began: on the body, on the consciousness. Constant training, timely rehabilitation and especially the support of people – this is what gives hope and gives strength to continue the struggle. Please support the young man! Give the opportunity to get up from a wheelchair! 

Сплатити Need 50 336 UAH
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000 011 997 UAH

Adult struggle for health. 2

Kyiv. Started 26.9.2019

Little Sasha is a healthy boy, all the examinations of the newborn confirmed this. Developed, as it should be for babies, at 2 months already held the head. Relatives thought that he would grow up a healthy boy, but at one point the world turned upside down...

Сплатити Need 29 000 UAH
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000 013 775 UAH

Kira really hurt, help! 4

Kherson region. Started 3.10.2019

At the time of Kira’s birth, they told the expectant mother that the baby was too big, the woman could not give birth on her own, so the girl had to be practically squeezed out of the womb. When she was born, Kira did not cry... As it later became known, the girl received a birth injury and damage to the central nervous system, and even later in Kira they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a delay in psycho-speech development and an episindrome.

Сплатити Need 28 000 UAH
Still needed
000 020 748 UAH

Get the sun for the twins Zachariah and Nazar

Kherson region. Started 1.10.2019

Zakhar and Nazar are twins. Unlike them, their brother Makar was born healthy. The thing is that once the boys’ mother was in a private sector and a pack of wild dogs has attacked her. She was gripped by panic fear. That’s why now Nazar and Zakhar have anxiety neurosis. The other terrible diagnosis is cerebral palsy. The boys have normal hands and legs, their necks hold heads well. They can take and hold objects, stand on hands raising their heads high, turn from side to side and crawl on their backs. Unfortunately for the poor kids, they are not able to sit, to stand and to walk.

Сплатити Need 50 960 UAH
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000 029 249 UAH

Help recover from injury!

Odessa region. Started 21.2.2019

Yura Bocharnikov was 16 years old when his life turned upside down. As a result of an unsuccessful jump on the beach trampoline in August 2016, the guy received a closed spinal cord trauma, spinal injury, a fracture and dislocation of the cervical vertebrae. Yura spent four months lying motionless in the neurosurgery department of the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. He was treated with skeletal traction, received anti-decubitus therapy and he really wanted to go home. 

Сплатити Need 67 305 UAH
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000 039 275 UAH

Igor: to play sports and to live fully

Poltava region.. Started 30.9.2019

Igor is 26 years old, he is young and cheerful. He has a job, and a college degree; he likes doing continuing education seminars and webinars, and he dreams of starting his own family. Igor knows the value of time. When you live with serious and incurable illness since birth, you get used to fighting and to fill your life with meaning. Igor's illness damages the lungs, and every cold season with its usual upper respiratory infections is especially dangerous to Igor. At this time, he really needs an intensive course of IV antibiotic treatment. It will lessen the risk of severe exacerbations of his illness during the winter and will help him live on. "I have a dream of living as long and as interesting a life as possible," says Igor, but to accomplish that, he needs our support, and the time is short.

Сплатити Need 54 420 UAH
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000 043 085 UAH

Feed the orphans. January 2020

Kyiv. Started 27.9.2019

Food is something without which life is impossible. And to feed children with modern prices is difficult even for an ordinary Ukrainian family. And imagine if you have 32 children at the same time! Thirty-two growing organisms that need good nutrition daily. “The City of Happy Children” is the Center for Assisting disadvantaged children, which has been saving children from violence for 11 years. The center exists only at the expense of caring people and that is why we turn to you for help! The goal of this project is to raise funds to provide children with food during January. And without your support we can not cope!

Сплатити Need 79 000 UAH
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000 060 638 UAH

From the playground to the hospital

Odessa. Started 29.8.2019

Maxym was born and grew up a healthy and active boy. He was well known for his huge blue eyes and playfulness. On the 3rd of May in 2019, everything changed. Having fun at the local playground, the boy fell from a low slide landing on his head. Maxim had a severe head injury. Since then, his parents and doctors have been fighting for his life.  

Сплатити Need 243 210 UAH
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000 074 443 UAH

Greeteng from the world of silence

Kharkiv region. Started 3.9.2019

"THE MARATHON IS OVER. IT IS DEFEAT". Such words 25-year-old Iryna Sholik wrote on her Facebook page. “I was looking for all possible ways, knocking on all doors, doing everything I could do. However, I have to admit my defeat. I did not cope with the task." Iryna set herself the goal and timing of her marathon when the world was losing sounds and colors for her. For 270 days girl tried to raise money for a cochlear implant. 

Сплатити Need 408 615 UAH
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000 171 045 UAH