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Little Tymosha wants to walk

Kiev. Started 19.11.2018

Tymosha is an early, prematurely born child, he was born on week 34. But instead of a cesarean, for some reason, the doctors used an extrusion technique. Having been born, Tymofii did not breathe, so he was placed in an incubator under an artificial lung ventilation apparatus. Doctors explained this by the fact that the boy has underdeveloped lungs. But, as it turned out, the reason was not only that. 

Сплатити Need 29 800 UAH
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000 005 150 UAH

Inhale the future

Kiev. Started 10.10.2018

"Hi, there! We are Olesya Topchiy and Sasha Adamchuk. We were born with a heart defect that wasn't compatible with life namely transposition of the major vessels. During the first hours of our life with a one-hour difference on the same day, we ended up at the Center for Children's Cardiology and Cardio Surgery and were born for the second time. An excruciatingly long surgery provided us with an opportunity to live and smile. From that very moment, we are friends not only in need but also in a great happiness! We regularly come back to the center like home for regular examinations and are grateful that there is such a light and magical place," that was an introduction of a letter our fund received.

Сплатити Need 57 750 UAH
Still needed
000 012 103 UAH

Help feed the orphans. March 2019

Kiev. Started 30.11.2018

The goal of the project is to raise money for food for children at the Center for Help “Home of Happy Children”. Here children live “from the street,” children who have fallen into difficult circumstances and have experienced tragedies. They get to the Center physically weakened, with various chronic diseases and with psychological traumas. For the "rescue" and the rehabilitation of such a baby is extremely important good nutrition. Children eat 4 times a day. But funds for all products are not enough. We collect the amount that is enough for us to feed the children of the Center during the month – March. 

Сплатити Need 79 000 UAH
Still needed
000 039 505 UAH

To free Olena from disease!

Zaporizhia region. Started 3.12.2018

Olenka was born quite a little, with a small weight and a large number of malformations. From a helpless lump, she turned into a cheerful, wiggly and fun girl. Lena rarely cries, even when it hurts, even when she is given shots or droppers. She is a strong girl. Fast as a spinning top – she runs, jumps, spins... and suddenly she slows down in the corner of the chair and looks at you with such an adult, full of pain and melancholy look, that you want to turn the whole world to help her. Without the necessary treatment, her world can remain semi-mute... 

Сплатити Need 65 000 UAH
Still needed
000 053 020 UAH

To breathe for son. 6

Zakarpattia region. Started 7.11.2018

"My state is of moderate severity. I wake up and labor for breath. I follow all the recommendations – doing inhalations, taking medicines, doing exercises. I feel a bit better by the evening. But then the night comes again.” Aliona has been fighting the congenital disease, cystic fibrosis, all of her life. You can live with it, but you need to have a great amount of patience, willpower, strength, and… money. Daily complex therapy and regular courses of IV antibacterial therapy are a must.

Сплатити Need 74 812 UAH
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000 058 753 UAH

Infusomats in the children's department of hematology

Odessa. Started 1.6.2018

The Hematological department of Odessa Children’s Clinical Hospital is in desperate need of controlled syringe pumps – the apparatuses for continuous dispensing of chemotherapy. For our department with 30 beds, it is necessary to have at least 2 special infusion pumps for intravenous administration of medications. An oncology child stays in the hospital together with the mother. Definitely, each of us saw, just once in life (by TV or live), a tired mother sitting near the infusion drip and keeping a watchful eye how a medication is being fed.

Сплатити Need 120 841 UAH
Still needed
000 062 596 UAH

The son of a border guard requires treatment. 5

Kiev. Started 2.4.2018

At the end of March, Igor Loboda turned thirteen years old. It can seem that he looks like an ordinary boy. But at the same time, it is developed for no more than five years. This is the result of epileptic seizures. For every movement, every step and every reaction, he fights from childhood. One and a half-month-old boy was vaccinated against hepatitis B. The next day - a hemorrhage and resuscitation. Strange attacks began. 

Сплатити Need 120 000 UAH
Still needed
000 064 899 UAH

The last hope

Kiev. Started 11.12.2018

Her time goes to the clock. And even a minute delay – it may be too late. Every day she is getting worse – already completely blind in one eye, metastases hit her head, lungs, bones, and muscles. More recently, Iryna Zaliubovska was the main one in their family – a locomotive – a mother for her son and daughter for an old mother, worked in commerce, paid mortgages, was fond of drawing, always helped others. Suddenly, a strong cough began and his eyesight began to fall rapidly. X-rays did not show anything, the next examination was scheduled, and then the horror was breast cancer stage 4 with metastasis everywhere. 

Сплатити Need 190 000 UAH
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000 130 530 UAH

Put the boy on the legs. 2

Vinnytsia region. Started 20.9.2018

This story is about how viral encephalitis has crippled the childhood of a newborn baby. This happened when Nikita was 11 months old. Before that, he was a healthy boy, in his 7 months he walked, holding on to the support. But suddenly the baby enters the intensive care unit. During the day, Nikita lost all his skills and forgot everything he knew before... 

Сплатити Need 639 000 UAH
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000 512 119 UAH

Bandages are my companions for life!

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 8.10.2018

Vlada was born in the evening in an ordinary district hospital by cesarean section. Childbirth was heavy. After the first examination, the doctors did not notice anything, except for the unevenness of the legs. Somewhere in an hour, during the second inspection, small wounds were noticed at the place where the hands touched the child’s feet. And after a blood test from a finger, a skin is gone. Then it became clear that something was wrong with the child’s skin. Immediately called an ambulance from the area and the child was taken to the pathology. By the morning, he was diagnosed with Buliozny epidermolysis. 

Сплатити Need 46 435 UAH
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000 002 440 UAH