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New physical education in native school

Kiev. Started 6.5.2019

My head teacher was a teacher of physical education. Ludmysha – so call her all the students, and the teachers call Lucie. Every day more than a tens years she falls in love with children in sports.

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000 000 713 UAH

Become an Angel of Happiness

Kiev. Started 15.3.2019

Brand GAPCHINSKA, provider of happiness №1, invites you to join the collection of charitable contributions to support the Kiev Children's Center for Children "Home of Happy Children". 30 kids of different ages live in this center waiting for a new family. They believe in happiness, and GAPCHINSKA - helps not to lose hope. Our goal is to provide comfortable accommodation for these children so that they feel at home, in comfort and safety.

Сплатити Need 20 000 UAH
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000 002 678 UAH

Anton's Stremovsky healing marathon

Kiev. Started 14.5.2019

My name is Anton Stremovsky. I’m working as a programmer and for several years I’m fond of running. I have three half-marathons, several "ten" and many-many "fives" behind. This April I ran my first charitable half-marathon. I ran 21 km in Kyiv Half Marathon 2019 to help kids with cerebral palsy. 

Сплатити Need 5 000 UAH
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000 004 862 UAH

Help the little princess! 3

Kiev region. Started 29.5.2019

Remember this girl? This is Xenia, and he lives in the thrall of a serious illness - cerebral palsy. She does not allow the girl to walk, talk and be a healthy and happy child. Ksenia is like a princess who was captured by a terrible beast. However, we can overcome the beast and free the crumbs from the paws of cerebral palsy. 

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000 005 137 UAH

22-year-old beauty fights for life. 4

Poltava region. Started 29.5.2019

Alina has already completed 7 chemotherapy courses. There will be one more and the girl really hopes that he will be the last. According to the results of repeated CT, the result of treatment is positive, the tumor has decreased, but, unfortunately, there is still. Alina's doctor says that this is a fairly good result. But if the "chemistry" does not completely help to destroy the tumor, then will have to undergo another course of radiobeam. 

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000 005 601 UAH

Support Diana in the treatment of leukemia. 2

Donetsk region. Started 12.6.2019

Diana Shyshman continues to struggle with the relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Thanks to the support of UBB donors during the first stage of the training, the girl received the medication necessary for treatment. We thank all caring people for the help provided to Diana! Before the start of the “chemistry”, Diane managed to go outside for a short walk. Not a trace of a bad mood! Diana is a sociable and very inquisitive girl, and she lacks parental attention, warmth, and support. 

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000 005 721 UAH

Life without immunity: Misha needs medicines. 2

Sumy region. Started 7.6.2019

Misha Nikolaenko is a naughty and cheerful little boy from Sumy region. During the time passed from the publication of the last project, this boy grew up, at the end of January he turned 6 years old. Like all boys of his age, he loves cars and races, he drives rapidly on everything that rides. Misha loves to "chemize" (as he says): mix everything that comes to hand. "He counts up to 100 and reads by syllables", says his mother. 

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000 005 990 UAH

They dream of playing tennis

Khmelnytskyi. Started 25.6.2019

What brought you joy in childhood? Probably, like many others – it's games, a lot of friends, street fun, swings, and other entertainment. Most of all, it would not be desirable that, at first glance, such a usual joy of children passed our wards, among them orphans, children, and teenagers from unreliable and crisis families. These kids dream of playing tennis and tennis, but it can become a reality thanks to your indifference and donation. 

Сплатити Need 7 000 UAH
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000 007 000 UAH

Can you help us?

Dnipro. Started 16.5.2019

"I’ve been putting off this letter, I wanted to give the opportunity to other kids to get help faster. My Irishka lives with cystic fibrosis. Our inhaler broke down with no chance to fix it, but without inhalations, she can’t live a single day... Can you help us?", Iryna's mom writes. We have known Irishka almost since her birth, and now she is preparing for school. She lives together with her mother, dad helps only partly. "Sometimes I fall down. I am a strong woman, but when it comes to my child... sometimes I panic. When there is support from the outside, it touches strongly and raises the spirit". 

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000 007 066 UAH

To breathe easier

Kiev. Started 22.2.2019

Do you know why seriously ill patients often can’t lie down and even sleep in a sitting position? In many cases, the answer is simple and terrible at the same time: when sitting, it's easier to breathe. Heart failure, stroke, chronic lung disease or cancer – a lot of it can lead to breathlessness. Many patients at such a stage can no longer be cured. But you can help and start doing it before a person starts to suffocate, before "gets used" to sleep while sitting... 

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000 007 287 UAH