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Warm houses – happy fluffies

Ukraine. Стартував 3.1.2019

Happy Paw Charity Foundation for 6 years help homeless animals. For a long time, our society has thought, that the most priority direction in helping animals is to provide them with food and medicines. Of course, this is true, but it is equally important to keep dogs in normal live conditions, because their health depends on this. That is why all the territory, aviaries and booths must be properly equipped.

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Curative oxygen for Artem

Zaporizhia region. Стартував 5.6.2019

Artem is a unique child. As in Ukraine, there are only about two hundred children like him. The common diagnosis unites these children – SMA – spinal muscular atrophy. This is a ruthless disease that gradually takes away all the skills of a child. Therefore, the life of "SMAleys" (children with SMA disease) is a daily struggle and faith in a miracle. The more the disease makes itself felt, the more special equipment appears in Artem's room. It is still impossible to cure the boy, but if to organize the right care, it is possible to prolong his life. It means so much! 

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I love you mom! 2

Donetsk region. Стартував 4.7.2019

Zhenia will be 6 years old this year. Many of her peers intend to go to school in order to gain knowledge and develop themselves further. Because of cerebral palsy, mental and speech retardation, the girl can’t learn. This year she needs to undergo courses of treatment in rehabilitation centers over and over again. She still can’t walk, talk and stand, do most of the things by herself. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word "school".

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Food for the poorest. 7

Khmelnytskyi region. Стартував 6.8.2019

Charity dining is often the only place where our funders can get their food. And more often than not – this food is for the sole purpose of the whole day... The destinies and circumstances of these elderly, sick, infirm people have evolved in different ways. But now they are all united by the need to ask for the help of those who are not indifferent to someone else's misery, because, because of illness and old age, they can no longer provide themselves with even the most necessary food for life.

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Help Yaroslav to fight

Dnipropetrovsk region. Стартував 7.8.2019

"My son loves animals, especially dogs. Badger dog Charlie and tortoise Zina live in our house. Yarik dreams of becoming a veterinarian and opening a shelter for homeless animals", his mother says. In order for the boy's dreams to come true, we need to equip his house like a small human hospital. To live, learn and do what he likes, Yaroslav needs a whole range of medical equipment. The boy is seriously ill and needs to be treated seriously. 

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Bedding for the elderly

Kiev. Стартував 16.5.2019

It's hard to imagine when life goes on in bed. We will make feel worthy lonely and immovable elderly when present them bed linen sets – to providing them with basic living conditions. We ask to donate money for buying a textile for sewing sets of bed linen. Lonely elderly will feel joy and care when they get a new set of bed linen. Since 2002 many lonely elderly and disabled people have received medical and social services and cares from specialists by the project "Home Care” of Caritas-Kyiv. Now we are taking care of about 100 people. 

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Tablets for babies. 4

Kiev. Стартував 19.6.2019

We have a big dream – that our beneficiaries, children with limited abilities turned in a happy adult with unlimited possibilities. This is why we do not get tired of asking you, again and again, to help Nastia, to help Masha, to help Andrii and Sasha. And you do help! To get on rehab, to do surgery, to undergo a course of treatment, to buy the necessary medicines, diapers, special meals, manuals, and even to please the children with the presents for the holidays. 

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Help Masha live without pain. 3

Zhytomyr region. Стартував 26.4.2019

She was adopted by a small healthy beard, and a month later the doctor said: "Your girl is a cerebral palsy". But Mother Galina – a courageous woman, 10 years old was waiting for a child and did not break. Massages, rehabilitation, medical physical education, sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist, classes in the swimming pool, hippotherapy. Everything that can be done to treat Maryna, my mother tried to do. But it all costs money. 

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Life depends upon treatment

Novohrad-Volynskyi. Стартував 26.7.2019

It's hard to believe, but the life of this joyful boy absolutely depends on the treatment: daily, without breaks and weekends. A whole set of medical equipment at home, special physical exercises, a handful of medicines and a series of inhalations interleave his boys' games. Cystic fibrosis is a severe genetic disease that accompanies Artemka from his birth. You can live long with such diagnosis only if you observe the whole complex therapy scheme. Today, the boy's parents kindly ask us to help to buy the medical equipment necessary for the most effective daily treatment. 

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That the street does not become home

Khmelnytskyi region. Стартував 18.6.2019

Every child is important, every child is valuable and desirable... Yes, everyone seems to agree with this, but not every family treats their own children so that they really feel it – they love them, they care about them, they are important for the older ones people. Unfortunately, this happens... When, for example, parents are so concerned about where to get a drink that they certainly do not have for children, or when parents are not at all present in raising and caring about their child, because they are many hundreds or thousands of kilometers, in another country on earnings, entrusting the care of an 8-9-year-old child to an old woman who needs herself even for help...

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