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Medications for special children

Kiev. Started 16.1.2018

Parents of children with special needs, perhaps are the most courageous in the world. They devote all their time to their kids, give them their heart and soul to make the life of their son or daughter happier. However, the endless visits to the hospital, waiting in receptions of hospitals, go to another city and queueing at pharmacies for medications deplete parents not only physically, but also financially. And often parents do not have enough money even for a toy for their baby because they buy only the essentials.

Сплатити Need 9 000 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

I smile – I walk. 4

Zaporizhia region. Started 8.12.2017

Letter from mother of girl:
"The birth of our daughter is a miracle we have been looking forward to for so long! Even though the physicians could not diagnose our little Polina, we kept on noticing alarming symptoms – she could not suck milk. Her developmental delay soon became evident - our daughter could not sit or crawl. Polina was eventually diagnosed with an atonic-astatic form of cerebral palsy and lumbar scoliosis of 3-4 stage.

Сплатити Need 32 550 UAH
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000 001 806 UAH

Young mother needs help. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.1.2018

Positive, comprehensively developed, educated and very sociable. It's all about Ira Vlasyuk from Gaisin Vinnytsia region. The girl is already familiar to UBB donors. Thanks to the support of people who are not indifferent, Irina twice received the necessary medicines, for which she is very grateful! Recall that at Irina was found an oncological disease - a neurosarcoma of the retroperitoneal space. All the forces, means and capabilities of a young woman are aimed at fighting this insidious disease.

Сплатити Need 7 836 UAH
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000 004 392 UAH

Chair for chemotherapy

Kiev. Started 26.12.2017

Adult Department of Kyiv Bone Marrow Transplantation Center. The most vulnerable category of patients – adults – are treated there. They had high price bills for treatment have no one to count on. Help comes faster to а child. People do not really help adults much. Mercy should not know any time frame. We are all people, no matter how old we are. Neither of us is immune to anything in this world. Therefore, the adult person is left to face his/her misfortune alone.

Сплатити Need 10 844 UAH
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000 005 099 UAH

Quality medicine for everyone

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 23.8.2017

Every day Central Regional Hospital in Kolomyia helps about 500 people, but nowadays it itself needs help. 40 sets of bedclothes are necessary for urologic and cardiological departments of CRH. Our state doesn't give money for such important things, and all money from hospital budget was spent for cosmetic repairs, that's why such essential moment for patients' comfort wasn't noticed.

Сплатити Need 14 800 UAH
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000 006 088 UAH

Crazy help! Anna Zavalska

Kiev. Started 8.12.2017

Singer Anna Zavalska will get a tattoo with Ivo Bobul all over her back for the sake of children at "Dacha".

Within the framework of the most insane charitable event of the year, #shalenadopomoha, Anna Zavalska has resolved to do the craziest thing in her life - to get a temporary tattoo with Ivo Bobul all over her back! All of this is for the sake of the small residents of "Dacha".

Сплатити Need 15 000 UAH
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000 006 299 UAH

Best gift for Katia is to be healthy!

Mykolaiv. Started 15.1.2018

Katenka is a very kind, tender child, loves people, strives for society and wants to recover very much. Here's what Katya’s mom tells: "On May 25 Katyusha was 13 years old. She grew up, grew stronger and wiser: she learned to peel potatoes, carrots, cut cucumbers, wash dishes, wipe it and put it on a shelf. We do our best to learn how to cope with domestic work. The truth is it's all Katya do it yet not very confident, with my help. But she tries, to the best of her strength, and she has a desire.

Сплатити Need 7 640 UAH
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000 006 410 UAH

Сosiness for Neterplyachki. Khmelnytskyi. 2

Khmelnitsky. Started 26.12.2017

Bright light hurts the eyes, something rattles all the time, it's cold and laying is not comfortable. This is how the world meets the Preemies, their first home is a plastic box – the incubator. First bed of a prematurely born child is towels and cloth, they feel cold, it is loud all around and it is scary. They'd be better off being wrapped in mother's embrace. Unfortunately, sometimes the child has to stay in the incubator for a long time and that embrace is only scheduled and short time.

Сплатити Need 30 416 UAH
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000 006 608 UAH

They dream to dance!

Khmelnitsky. Started 2.11.2017

Angelina, Alina, Ivan, and Vika are friendly, affectionate and hardworking sisters and brothers, who are educated by her mother. The family suffers from significant material disadvantages as they have no other family to support them. Employees of "Caritas", in which the family is socially supported, as being in difficult life circumstances, try to provide children with all possible assistance - as material - in the form of food, children's things, toys, stationery, and psychologically support and provide an opportunity for development and self-realization.

Сплатити Need 12 000 UAH
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000 006 669 UAH

Crazy help! Oleksii Zavgorodnii

Kiev. Started 13.12.2017

Posytyv, the member of Vremya i Steklo music band, will epilate his left leg for the benefit of Dacha children.

As part of the craziest charitable campaign of the year #shalenadopomoha, Oleksii Zavgorodniy (Posytyv) had guts to (took the courage to) do the wildest action in his life and to epilate his left leg! All of this is for the sake of the small residents of "Dacha".

Сплатити Need 15 000 UAH
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000 006 946 UAH