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To hear the clatter of legs. 2

Luhansk region. Стартував 15.8.2019

Baby Nikita was born on 27.07.16. The child was welcomed and long-awaited. Parents went a long and exhausting way to finally see the two treasured stripes on the test. Family happiness knew no bounds! However, the challenges have only just begun. At 19 weeks, the threat of pregnancy loss, emergency surgery, conservation happened. Before delivery, the mother did not leave the hospital. It was scary and hard, but the hope that very soon it would all be over did not leave. The son was born at the 36th week by emergency cesarean section. 

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The hard way to recovery. 3

Odessa region. Стартував 15.8.2019

Dear donors, уou have already helped a little Vitia Porokhovyi, a boy with special needs; for his short life he has already undergone ten operations on bypassing the brain, inflammation of the ventricle, meningitis, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral edema, he was in the intensive care unit at the ventilator during the month. Almost from birth, he was diagnosed with encephalopathy and later – with internal hydrocephaly. 

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Save Vova from leukemia!

Mykolaiv region. Стартував 15.8.2019

In July, Vova Tabunshchyk turned 10 years old. He is an active and curious boy, loves to run and jump. And he fell ill, like all onco-children, unexpectedly. "In the fall of 2017, my son’s shoulders started to hurt a lot, of course, we decided that the backpack was heavy and we began to put less books in school", says Vova’s mother. "But that did not solve the problem, the pain continued". 

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Cancer destroys my lungs

Zaporizhia. Стартував 14.8.2019

Inna’s story began with a routine Mantoux screening for tuberculosis. The body’s reaction worried the doctors. The physiologic pulmonologist sent her to a tuberculosis sanatorium where treatment was promptly initiated. Heavy drug dosages caused severe nausea and terrible leg pain. Inna, who is always active and cheerful, did not lose her upbeat mood, even when her schoolmates turned away from her calling her by an abusive name.

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Help Vasia get on his feet! 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Стартував 14.8.2019

Vasia is 12 years old. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy almost from birth. But success in the fight against the disease was not achieved as much as we wanted. Vasya has a large family beside him, with three more parents. They live very modestly in a small village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, but despite this, the family tried to do everything to improve Vasia.

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Yan – love overcomes obstacles

Luhansk region. Стартував 14.8.2019

When the young family saw two stripes on the test they were happy: "We will be parents!". But no one even thought that they would have to become parents 2 months ahead of schedule. Fate prepared great challenges, sometimes it seemed that it was excessive. Yan was born at 32 weeks of gestation with a weight of 1,880 grams and 42 cm. 

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Hearing Aid for Kyrylo!

Kherson. Стартував 13.8.2019

Kyrylo is the only son in a family of hard hearing parents. In the first year of his life, he was diagnosed with "bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the third degree". Now the boy is 10 years old, all this time the whole family has made great efforts to help boy succeed in his mental development and learning, in which he has experienced considerable difficulty. 

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Help Ira hug dad! 4

Chernihiv region. Стартував 13.8.2019

It is difficult to survive the betrayal of a loved one. Moreover, when you are not able to stand up for yourself... Little Ira now lives in a new family, she loves and cares about her very much, she has two foster brothers. And the biological mother left the girl when she was only a week old. The woman left her daughter in the dental clinic and just left. 

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Igor: number of bills from pharmacies is increasing

Ivano-Frankivsk. Стартував 13.8.2019

The weight of 46 kg is not enough. This is not sufficient if you are a boy with 174 cm in height. This is unacceptable if you have a life-long illness that violates the digestibility of food. And certainly, it is not enough, when chronic infections bring almost every day high temperature burning even the weight that was gained. Igor had bad luck and was born with a serious disease and he has to fight it every day of his life. He needs a lot of strengths to fight. But he cannot get normal weight using ordinary food and needs a special high-calorie diet. Help him with it. 

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Dima: turn on the sound

Sumy region. Стартував 13.8.2019

Fourteen years old Dima has a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the 4th degree. This means that without hearing aids, the boy does not distinguish words, and the world around him turns into a chaotic set of sounds and constant noise. Dima will help high-frequency digital hearing aids. If do not install them now, the boy will forget how to speak. Then it will be possible to forget about studying at school and communicating with others. 

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