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Київ. Started 10.7.2020

Annually in Ukraine nearly 5,000 babies are born with heart failure, which develops in the mother's womb simultaneously with the emergence of new life. And the situation of pediatric cardiology in our country is catastrophic - 51,67% of newborns (i.e. children within the first 28 days of life), which have a complex form of congenital heart defect, die. Even simple forms of congenital heart disease dies of 42.3% of children. At the same time, 30% of children are discharged from hospital without even the suspicion of a terrible diagnosis. Half of them dies. In Ukraine each year from cardiovascular disease kills more than 800 children.

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Open the door to life

Житомир, Покровськ. Started 9.7.2020

Every fifteen baby in Ukraine is born prematurely. And this is one of the main causes of child mortality.
From birth, the lives of such children depend on the availability of medical equipment, which is not enough in Ukrainian hospitals, and their parents have to adapt to the most extreme conditions to save the lives of their babies.
The company “Doors of Belarus” as a socially responsible Brand together with the “Ukrainian Charity Exchange” announce the launch of a new charity project “Open the door to life” to help premature babies so that each of them has a chance for a healthy and happy life. 

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Go for nothing at all

Dnipro region. Started 8.7.2020

Vanya's parents sounded the alarm when, at 8 months, he never learned to sit. The city hospital was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. But the attending neurologist convinced mom that acupuncture and massages would put the baby on her feet. So parents lost a year. Only when they began a serious rehabilitation did things go smoothly. Now Vanya is struggling to catch up. 

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Help not to starve. 2

Kyiv. Started 8.7.2020

All the wards of our fund are special – they have at least one seriously ill person in their families, and in some families there are even two. This means that from year to year all the money in the family are spent on treatment, one has to save just on everything, including food… quarantine has hit everyone hard, many of us had to cut costs and abandon the usual things. But these families have nowhere else to tighten their belts. 

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Ania will fight! 3

Kyiv region. Started 8.7.2020

The expectant mother was pregnant with twins. Two girls, two sisters – happiness. However, the news, which knocked the earth out from under the woman’s feet, was the antithesis of happiness: one of the girls died in the womb. An emergency cesarean section, at least to save the second daughter... Ania survived. Thank God Ania survived! 

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Ternopyl. 3

Ternopil. Started 8.7.2020

When the birth giving is preterm it is vital to ensure the nursing conditions that are close to the intrauterine. This is called the "growth oriented nursing" and it is of particular importance for the physiological postnatal development of the preterm born child. In the mother's womb it is warm, dark and quiet, also the baby there is in the natural physiological position. 

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This family really needs you. 3

Kyiv. Started 7.7.2020

For more than a year and a half, your support has been the mainstay that allows Artemko's parents not to give up. The boy is almost 14, but he is forever "small". As a baby, Artemko cannot live without the help of people around him. He is fed through a tube, and this is his only way not to die of hunger. Therefore, the presence of a special probe food is something that his mom Valeria worry about to tears. After all, its cost – almost 5 000 UAH a month – is absolutely impossible for a family with three children, two of whom have different but serious features. Artemko cannot be fed without your help. 

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My body doesn't listen to me

Cherkasy region. Started 7.7.2020

Nazar’s mother calls his birthday terrible. Severe asphyxia, which moved her son during birth, radically changed the boy's life, turning it into a constant struggle and suffering. In order to Nazar took the first breath, the doctors conducted resuscitation. And the boy began to breathe... Nazar also was diagnosed with CNS damage and cerebral edema, so after the birth the boy was taken to the intensive care unit, and later spent a month in the Department of pathology of newborns. 

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For orphans in the front zone

Donetsk region. Started 7.7.2020

Working with orphans and children deprived of parental care in the "gray zone", with children who, in addition to living in shelters and boarding schools, were directly affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine – is an activity that not many people systematically engage in. The volunteers of our Foundation are just such people, of the few. For more than three years in a row, they have been continuously going to institutions for orphans and children deprived of parental care, ie to those whose parents have died, died or been abandoned.

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Little ears want to hear

Kherson. Started 7.7.2020

Firstly, to be deaf does not mean to be inferior, and secondly, hearing can be acquired. And for a hearing aid is only needed. Arinka is 4.5 years old, she was born in a family of inaudible parents, and therefore the likelihood that the girl would have the same problems was high, so her parents were ready for this. Shortly after birth, the baby was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural deafness. Children's age and limited ability to hear do not prevent Arina from being a smart and sensitive girl. 

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