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I love you mom! 2

Donetsk region. Стартував 4.7.2019

Zhenia will be 6 years old this year. Many of her peers intend to go to school in order to gain knowledge and develop themselves further. Because of cerebral palsy, mental and speech retardation, the girl can’t learn. This year she needs to undergo courses of treatment in rehabilitation centers over and over again. She still can’t walk, talk and stand, do most of the things by herself. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word "school".

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Tablets for babies. 4

Kiev. Стартував 19.6.2019

We have a big dream – that our beneficiaries, children with limited abilities turned in a happy adult with unlimited possibilities. This is why we do not get tired of asking you, again and again, to help Nastia, to help Masha, to help Andrii and Sasha. And you do help! To get on rehab, to do surgery, to undergo a course of treatment, to buy the necessary medicines, diapers, special meals, manuals, and even to please the children with the presents for the holidays. 

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Help Masha live without pain. 3

Zhytomyr region. Стартував 26.4.2019

She was adopted by a small healthy beard, and a month later the doctor said: "Your girl is a cerebral palsy". But Mother Galina – a courageous woman, 10 years old was waiting for a child and did not break. Massages, rehabilitation, medical physical education, sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist, classes in the swimming pool, hippotherapy. Everything that can be done to treat Maryna, my mother tried to do. But it all costs money. 

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Semen: defeat severe diagnoses. 2

Kryvyi Rih. Стартував 30.7.2019

This kid was born earlier than expected, so sometimes he had no sucking reflex, the doctors nursed him. He was called Semen. And when Semen turned 7 months, he had an attack of stenosis, doctors the whole day was fighting for his little life... 

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Save the baby from convulsions. 5

Dnipro. Стартував 18.7.2019

Scientists are inventing new anticonvulsants, more and more people with epilepsy are taking medicines and living a normal life. Still, drugs do not help everyone. Olia Tanich suffered from epilepsy from the first days of her life. At 9 months, Olia did not know how to even focus her gaze – heavy attacks blocked development. But the tireless mother found a technique that made epilepsy retreat. To save the result, twice a year you need to be examined and adjust the treatment in the Chernivtsi clinic. 

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Yulia's hope

Lviv. Стартував 29.11.2018

12 years ago, a sweet, beautiful girl was born, who completely changed the life of her mother and her dreams. The whole family was very happy when Yulia was born, they were very happy with her, but soon this joy turned into tears, pain, and despair... When 9 months drew attention to the fact that my daughter does not develop as her peers and does not stand on his feet, relatives sounded the alarm. Doctors during the examination, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

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Her life depends on the medication

Kirovograd region. Стартував 12.8.2019

Now she is only 12 years old. Clever and mother's assistant. This year, Katia Mariuk graduated from grade 7. Over the last 4 years, this wonderful girl has suffered such ordeals that are not always possible even for an adult. For four years, Katia has been fighting for her life with cancer. The disease is severe and dangerous. Several times victory was almost obtained. But lymphoma returned again. 

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Let death wait!

Kiev. Стартував 5.3.2019

Even doctors call her the resistant Tin Soldier. Three months ago, we were telling a story about the striking struggle of an extremely strong woman – against death. Breast cancer stage 4 will be had to put the point – Iryna was almost blind in one eye, and metastases hit her head, lungs, bones, and muscles. However, neither a disappointing prediction, nor a lack of money, nor a betrayal of a husband who left at the most difficult moment, nor a sick mother, who also needs care – all this did not break her.

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Save Guardian!

Cherkasy region. Стартував 17.5.2019

“I am the daughter of a beautiful mother and a woman who admires with her extraordinary strength of mind! A young, forty-four-year-old woman, Yekaterina Yaschenko, independently built a strong family and raised two grateful daughters. Through hard work throughout her life, she strived for family comfort and well-being, putting her personal needs into the background. Strong in spirit, but such a vulnerable and responsive woman! Kind woman, caring daughter of old parents and beloved grandmother of two little boys! It's all about my mom and our Guardian, Yekaterina Yashchenko.

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There is a chance – there is life

Kiev. Стартував 14.6.2019

The diagnosis of "glioblastoma" for most people in Ukraine is a verdict. This most aggressive malignant tumor "settled" in the brain of a 16-year-old athlete Nikita Maletsky. The chance to destroy malignant cells and with that a chance to live is given to the boy by the German physicians. They are ready to start on Nikita’s treatment with modern methods of anti-tumor vaccination and immunotherapy. 

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