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Save the heart of Darina

Sumy. Started 23.8.2019

The 2-year-old Dasha Levenets from Sumy needs our help.

The baby has a congenital atrial septal defect of 11 mm in size. This is a huge hole for such a small heart. An urgent heart operation is needed to eliminate the defect using a cardiac implant (occluder). And you can save Dasha’s life!

Сплатити Need 43 831 UAH
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000 043 780 UAH

Bogdan dreams of walking. 5

Luhansk region. Started 23.8.2019

"Mom" is the first word of the child. Every mother wants to hear these cherished words from her child. For almost 5 years, this has been the most cherished desire of Bogdan's mother – to hear how her little son speaks and to see how he runs. All these years, working hard, through the tears, through pain, Bogdan earnestly achieved success in fighting his terrible cerebral palsy. Thanks to caring people, the baby has already passed 4 rehabilitation courses. 

Сплатити Need 23 000 UAH
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000 022 949 UAH

Pari annual inhaler kits

Kiev. Started 23.8.2019

Powerful Pari nebulizer, the only one that is suitable for cystic fibrosis patients and is absolutely necessary for them to survive, is expensive and is purchased once every 5 years. The consumables for it are not so expensive, but if you multiply their price by the number of units required for the entire period of use of the nebulizer, then the sum will be even greater than the cost of the device. It is impossible to use it without consumables and the quality of treatment degenerates without their timely replacement increases the risk of infection. Without daily inhalation, a person with cystic fibrosis cannot live, suffocates. 

Сплатити Need 14 650 UAH
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000 014 350 UAH

To school without anxiety

Kiev. Started 22.8.2019

Did you prepare everything for your child to go to school in advance or have not made it yet in the daily hassle? One way or another, you know how much you need: new clothes with shoes (do not forget about classes in physical education!), practical backpack, stationery, and also ribbons-bows, because a girl is a girl and she wants them. It is especially difficult for the mothers of our wards who have been struggling with serious illness since their children birth. 

Сплатити Need 30 000 UAH
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000 030 000 UAH

Tears of happiness instead of pain. 2

Kiev region. Started 22.8.2019

The story of this family is extraordinary: happy and unhappy at the same time. Catherine and Anatoly – the boy’s parents — met in the ATO zone and immediately fell in love. They began to meet, planned their future and really wanted a son. And then the woman finds out that she is pregnant, and that they will have a son! However, later it became clear that this story will have a different ending... 

Сплатити Need 39 000 UAH
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000 038 670 UAH

Hear the world around. Marіupol

Mariupol. Started 22.8.2019

32 million children worldwide suffer from severe hearing loss. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, there are over a million people with hearing impairments in Ukraine, and over a hundred thousand people with a deafness diagnosis. Almost every day we have to overcome various barriers, because in our country the overwhelming majority of institutions and institutions are designed for those who hear and speak well. It turns out that society pretends that people with hearing impairments simply do not exist. 

Сплатити Need 125 000 UAH
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000 125 000 UAH

Mom, I have no childhood! 3

Donetsk region. Started 21.8.2019

There is a wonderful girl named Eva. She is 11 years old and she is practical doesn't differ from her peers... While sitting. But walking is given to her with difficulty. Eva is from Donetsk, where she lived until June 2014. Living there, Eva was constantly treated both in her native city and throughout Ukraine. Because of the war, the family had to move to another city, but the treatment did not stop. In 2017, Eva underwent a complicated leg surgery, after which rehabilitation became even more necessary. 

Сплатити Need 19 000 UAH
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000 019 000 UAH

Hope for the brothers

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 21.8.2019

Two parents and one healthy child – even in that case the young family faces difficulties. In Kristina Nebelytsa’s family, there is the opposite: one mother and two ill children, and further rocky road of immigrants. Kristina brings up sons: Vladik and Maxim. With both of them, the pregnancy ran up unremarkable, all screening test results were good. Both children were born beloved and long-hoped-for, but they need constant treatment and rehabilitation. 

Сплатити Need 27 800 UAH
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000 025 709 UAH

Mom, teach me to walk. 2

Vinnytsia region. Started 21.8.2019

Little Nikita has had a lot to experience right from his birth. The baby was born prematurely and was immediately resuscitated for 4 days. He was diagnosed with "uterine infection with lung and brain damage". And the final diagnoses were "cerebral palsy", "double hemiplegia", "myoclonic attacks", "mental retardation"... The situation is such that you just want to put your hands down. But neither parents nor Mykytka did this. 

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000 018 646 UAH

The cry of mother’s soul. 4

Kharkiv region. Started 20.8.2019

"Your help is very neede!". How often do we hear these words and pass by... There are a lot of children with terrible diagnoses. Many of them need help. But behind every such cry for help is a real child. Who is waiting for help and believes that adult uncles and aunts will certainly help! Zhenia is one of these kids. He is waiting for help! And together with him, hope and believe his parents, that a dream of a healthy childhood will come true! 

Сплатити Need 9 500 UAH
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000 008 327 UAH