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Help Ira hug dad! 4

Chernihiv region. Стартував 13.8.2019

It is difficult to survive the betrayal of a loved one. Moreover, when you are not able to stand up for yourself... Little Ira now lives in a new family, she loves and cares about her very much, she has two foster brothers. And the biological mother left the girl when she was only a week old. The woman left her daughter in the dental clinic and just left. 

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Chernigiv

Chernihiv. Стартував 5.6.2019

The first house of Neterplyachki (prematurely born children) is the plastic transparent boxing. Their first bed is the twisted up towels and diapers. And they so want to convolve and fall asleep in warm mother cuddles. Unfortunately, sometimes is so, that a child forces to be in boxing long time and cuddles of parents for him only on-schedule and on a limit time. But we know how to correct it, together we can give warmth and comfort to our little Preemies, we will turn the cold plastic into magic little palaces, in which princes and princesses will spend first weeks of their lives. We will supply them with the soft nests, magical covers for incubators and the so needed positioners and pillows. 

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Dima: turn on the sound

Sumy region. Стартував 13.8.2019

Fourteen years old Dima has a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the 4th degree. This means that without hearing aids, the boy does not distinguish words, and the world around him turns into a chaotic set of sounds and constant noise. Dima will help high-frequency digital hearing aids. If do not install them now, the boy will forget how to speak. Then it will be possible to forget about studying at school and communicating with others. 

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Twins want to walk!

Chernihiv region. Стартував 3.7.2019

Diana and Mykhailo were born deeply premature by cesarean section and immediately went into intensive care. The twins spent 2 months under a ventilator, then the same amount of time in the second nursing stage. In the end, they were discharged home in satisfactory condition. 

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We ride a biсycle, so that they could live-2! Winners

Lviv. Стартував 21.5.2019

When you are ill, it’s hard to be positive especially when you have gray moldy walls and a handful of antifungal drugs around you.

Once upon a time, the whole Ukraine raised funds for our treatment. Thanks to the support of thousands of people, each of us has won our battle against cancer.

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I believe that cancer will recede! 4

Sumy region. Стартував 17.5.2019

Last year Nastia Yaroshenko completed the main treatment. Two years ago, in March 2017, doctors discovered the girl's nephroblastoma. Nastia was then operated on, removing the tumor along with the kidney. Behind left numerous courses of chemotherapy, to which the girl's body reacted with low tests, weakness, and poor well-being... But still she was unable to achieve remission and Nastia was discharged home. 

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Do not leave Ania in trouble

Sumy region. Стартував 13.5.2019

In August last year, a new girl, Ania Zeliona, appeared in the hematology department of the Sumy region. The girl has a difficult fate. She is an orphan and the grandmother has taken custody of the child. With grandmother and two sisters, Ania lives in the Sumy region. The girl graduated from 8 classes. Ania loves animals very much and after the 9th grade, she planned to enter the veterinary college. Unfortunately, the insidious disease has made its changes in the girl's plans. Back in February, Ania had a very tiny "pea" on her hand, which was not even immediately noticed.

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Save one of the twins

Chernihiv region. Стартував 16.4.2019

The mother of two charming infants turns to all caring people with a request to save her babies. Diana and Mykhailo appeared with the help of the C-section. Unfortunately, the two angels were born prematurely, with underweighting. They were connected to the reviving apparatus for two months. Finally, the children went on the next stage of treatment. They grow up, gain weight and parents are happy. After 109 days, brother and sister were discharged from the hospital. Before being discharged, they were vaccinated against hepatitis B and BCG. 

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His skin is thinner than the butterfly wings. 2

Sumy. Стартував 8.4.2019

"The wounds that Misha receives are equivalent to the burn of II-III degree, this unbearable pain accompanies my son all his life, but we have learned to live with it," says mother Xenia. "When Misha wants to run, jump, play ball – he just tries not to pay attention to the pain and seeks to feel the joy of childhood. He is very strong in spirit, and despite such merriment, I always notice on his face that he has a wound, but he continues to play and assures that there is no wound, he smiles sweetly to me to assure of the truth of his words...".

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Mother's baby needs help

Sumy region. Стартував 27.2.2019

Mother's son, mother’s joy – Zhenіa. He is seriously interested in cars, likes to dance and sing together with his brother and to read books with his mom. "I call him sunshine because he always smiles that way," says mother Olga. Zhenшa is smart and playful, and a serious illness prevents him from living as actively as he wants. He has to spend a lot of time on daily procedures. Also, the baby is gaining weight poorly, is not developing well, because the family is not able to provide everything necessary for treatment – it is too expensive. However, if we help to buy good-quality medical equipment, supplies, and nutrition, Zhenіa will have more time and strength to live the usual life of a young boy. 

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