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Patients also need sport!

Kiev. Стартував 22.3.2019

Alexander Pedan, the leader of the Junior Sporting Movement, wants every child, even in the hospital, to have the opportunity to play sports. After all, there are children who are forced to stay in the hospital for years. Even sick children need physical activity. Petank is one of the few sports that can be played in various diseases. And that is very important on any surface. When playing petanque, all types of muscles are involved, he develops motor skills, coordination. 

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House for "Glove"

Dnipro. Стартував 19.8.2019

Each of us needs a Home. The house, as the metaphysical basis for existence. Just the ceiling above my head. The space that protects, warms and energizes and content for great achievements in the big world. Children without a home and remaining in the street, and their mothers (and often are still children!) does the shelter "Glove". After losing big at home because of the war in the Donbas, they restore everything from scratch in a village near the Dnieper. Now there are 9 children with their mothers, the youngest 11 months and the oldest 9 years. 

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We ride a biсycle, so that they could live! Plastics Ukraine

Lviv. Стартував 17.5.2018

The team of Plastics Ukraine has been a partner for Zaporuka for 4 years.

"We are happy to be involved in some of the most important projects for the children of the Foundation. We realize how important it is to provide children not only with medicines but also to support them morally, to create all the conditions that they have strength and inspiration for recovery.

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The best gift for Olya

Kiev. Стартував 1.4.2019

Hello! I am Olia Rudneva, and April 2 is my birthday. For 15 years I have been working in charity, I have the best job on earth, and I am a very happy girl. The last 8 years, I refuse gifts to save someone's life. This year I decided to take a break, and instead of over tasks to save the world, ask my friends and acquaintances to raise money on a computer for my girlfriend Uliana Pcholkina. 

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Kindness – is the best gift

Kiev region. Стартував 29.5.2019

Hello, I’m Nastya! Today, May 30th I turn 30. And I have a dream – to collect 30,000 UAH for good deeds, to leave a mark for many years, and possibly decades. Planning my next anniversary, I, like most of us, drew a picture with a bar/restaurant/party, tables full of food, loud music, lots of flowers and gifts, pleasant words from dear and close people. It would cost me about 30 thousand hryvnias. But this year I decided to do it differently as I had never done. Leave money, not in the bar, but give it to those who need it more than me. 

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