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I love you mom! 2

Donetsk region. Стартував 4.7.2019

Zhenia will be 6 years old this year. Many of her peers intend to go to school in order to gain knowledge and develop themselves further. Because of cerebral palsy, mental and speech retardation, the girl can’t learn. This year she needs to undergo courses of treatment in rehabilitation centers over and over again. She still can’t walk, talk and stand, do most of the things by herself. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word "school".

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Save the baby from convulsions. 5

Dnipro. Стартував 18.7.2019

Scientists are inventing new anticonvulsants, more and more people with epilepsy are taking medicines and living a normal life. Still, drugs do not help everyone. Olia Tanich suffered from epilepsy from the first days of her life. At 9 months, Olia did not know how to even focus her gaze – heavy attacks blocked development. But the tireless mother found a technique that made epilepsy retreat. To save the result, twice a year you need to be examined and adjust the treatment in the Chernivtsi clinic. 

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Curative oxygen for Artem

Zaporizhia region. Стартував 5.6.2019

Artem is a unique child. As in Ukraine, there are only about two hundred children like him. The common diagnosis unites these children – SMA – spinal muscular atrophy. This is a ruthless disease that gradually takes away all the skills of a child. Therefore, the life of "SMAleys" (children with SMA disease) is a daily struggle and faith in a miracle. The more the disease makes itself felt, the more special equipment appears in Artem's room. It is still impossible to cure the boy, but if to organize the right care, it is possible to prolong his life. It means so much! 

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Help Yaroslav to fight

Dnipropetrovsk region. Стартував 7.8.2019

"My son loves animals, especially dogs. Badger dog Charlie and tortoise Zina live in our house. Yarik dreams of becoming a veterinarian and opening a shelter for homeless animals", his mother says. In order for the boy's dreams to come true, we need to equip his house like a small human hospital. To live, learn and do what he likes, Yaroslav needs a whole range of medical equipment. The boy is seriously ill and needs to be treated seriously. 

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Cancer destroys my lungs

Zaporizhia. Стартував 14.8.2019

Inna’s story began with a routine Mantoux screening for tuberculosis. The body’s reaction worried the doctors. The physiologic pulmonologist sent her to a tuberculosis sanatorium where treatment was promptly initiated. Heavy drug dosages caused severe nausea and terrible leg pain. Inna, who is always active and cheerful, did not lose her upbeat mood, even when her schoolmates turned away from her calling her by an abusive name.

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Her dream is to see

Sumy. Стартував 1.8.2019

Each of us has our own dream. Yeva is just over four and a half years old. This biggest dream of a little girl is to see well. It so happened that from the first days of birth, the life of this baby is not easy. At birth, she was diagnosed with fetal dropsy, presumably due to intrauterine infection. Newborn Eva was then placed in the intensive care unit, where she spent 18 days, 7 of which were on artificial respiration. 

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A place of communication for lonely old people

Kharkiv. Стартував 17.7.2019

What could be worse than lonely oldness? An oldness that covers a person within four walls and makes it possible to talk only with memories and black and white photographs. In order to solve the problem of loneliness and uselessness of elderly people, a day club "Second Youth" was created. He has been working since 2001 and has created within his walls a large and friendly “family” of lonely grandparents who need communication, care, and daily social and psychological support. 

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The dream of a "gift child". 2

Kharkiv region. Стартував 29.3.2019

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy does not allow 11-year-old Maxym from Luhansk to start walking by himself. "However, doctors give him a good chance to learn, in case of continuous and long-term rehabilitation. For a very long time we are undergoing rehabilitation, but only in those centers and sanatoria, where it is free because we dont have the opportunity to pay for expensive treatment. Last year we were given a chance to go to the clinic in Truskavets for the first time. And already in 2 weeks after the beginning of the course, Maxim started to learn how to walk holding one hand! 

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Creativity without pain

Dnipropetrovsk region. Стартував 8.5.2019

Dana is 14 years old, she is a great artist, and she dreams of straightening her back one day. Scoliosis is an idiopathic disease. This means that doctors do not know why, at the age of 5, Danochka’s back began to bend. Did not help messages, corset and exercise therapy, scoliosis progresses. The treacherously curved spine threatens to permanently seat Dana in a wheelchair. The operation at the International Neurosurgery Center can save the child. From 200 000 UAH, it remains to collect UAH 70 000. 

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The path to the dream. 3

Luhansk region. Стартував 12.6.2019

Six years ago, a small miracle appeared in the Rasstal family. A miracle called Sasha. Sasha was born on time, sturdy, but as a result of difficult labor, he received severe asphyxiation. In 1 year old he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The earth was knocked out from under parents’ feet, since at that time the family was trying to balance, constantly being in the struggle for the full life of his son. Since then Sasha has been constantly undergoing treatment, acupuncture, massages, exercise therapy, a swimming pool, a speech therapist, a psychologist. 

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