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To preterm babies breathe! 2

Zaporizhia. Started 3.7.2018

Prematurely born children cannot breathe through the mouth due to their physiological characteristics. They breathe only through the nose! After birth, such a child is on artificial ventilation for some time, because an epithelium of the child's respiratory tract is damaged, though it is restored over time. This damaged epithelium, along with the mucus that is physiologically produced in the respiratory tract, exudes and rises to the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx, mouth, nose). Mucus (sputum) accumulates and creates an obstacle to the air that the child breathes.

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000 017 594 UAH

Help the Paralympic champion

Dnipro. Started 14.6.2018

"Do you have a dream? I think yes, every person should have a dream, to which he aspires, sparing no effort and time! My name is Lisa, I'm 24 years old and I have a dream – to win Europe 2018 and Paralympic 2020, which will be held in Tokyo. I have been going to my dream for 4 years, and this is very difficult: a special diet, daily workouts, huge loads. And now, at the finish line there was a problem that prevents me from reaching my goal – in connection with my diagnosis, cerebral palsy since birth, I have a very bad ear. I do not hear the starting shot!

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Life is blind. 3

Donetsk region. Started 6.7.2018

For a person who can see it is hard to imagine how it is possible to live in the world which is totally dark. When we get into the darkroom we immediately feel lost and becoming helpless. But at any moment we can go to the light. But there are people, who are terribly challenged by nature every day, every minute. Meet one of them. His name is Misha. 

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Save the baby from cramps. 3

Dnipro. Started 27.6.2018

70 convulsions a day is a terrible figure, especially when a 9-month-old baby suffers. A year and a half ago, Olia's parents were in despair at the inability to cope with epilepsy. But her mother found an innovative clinic, we found funds – and a year ago, Olia began to be treated in Chernivtsi. The result is incredible: the dose of anticonvulsant was gradually reduced – Olia won epilepsy! But there is still a long way: it is necessary to correct the treatment so as convulsions don’t return, and to restore the nervous system. In August, the Chernivtsi clinic is waiting for Olia again. 

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000 007 174 UAH

Microphones for hospital clowns

Dnipro. Started 8.5.2018

Hospital clowning is one of the kindest and bright projects in volunteering. A funny costume, a little make-up - and an office worker turns into a magician for a few hours, who makes young patients forget about pain, fear, and loneliness – and to start laughing, laughing, laughing. In developed countries, hospital clowning is considered so serious matter that clowns receive official salaries in hospitals. In Ukraine, there are no salaries yet, but there are already "doctors" with rubber clown noses. And now the team "Doctor Clown Dnieper" needs your help.

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The first step in 8 years. 3

Kharkiv. Started 3.7.2018

This little girl, Vladochka, was born in Kharkiv. The baby born prematurely, with a weight of only 1 kg 320 grams and severe health problems. After 5 months, doctors diagnosed with cerebral palsy. A daughter is the only treasure of single mother, and there is no help waiting from except grandmother and caring people. Vladislav's life is struggling for her health. The disease took the opportunity for her to move freely, and thus develop physically. In addition, she is not happy at the time of her birth with doctors.

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A breath of forest silence

Donetsk region. Started 24.5.2018

The war has split Donbass into two. Sadly, among those suffering from ongoing hostilities are children. To help nurse the wounds of their souls, they should be immersed in a peaceful life as soon as possible. In, 2017 the "Poshuk" (Search) tent camp has restarted its operation, and its plans for 2018 include active involvement of kids residing in the front-line areas, as well as IDPs.

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Kolia fight against rare disease. 4

Kharkiv. Started 20.2.2018

This is Kolia Tkachov, our ward is not the first year. The baby was born with a "whole bouquet" of diagnoses, and such happiness as a healthy, carefree childhood, alas, did not get him from birth... The child has to fight for every skill, for the first step, for "skillful hands"... And now not the first year we together with parents observe and rejoice, as one more child on the earth becomes independent and happy. And we, ordinary people, involved in this miracle.

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Let's give Lera a chance. 5

Dnipro region . Started 22.5.2018

Valeria has been almost 5 years. At this age, she would play with Barbie, ride a bike and run with friends, but her life is more like an endless struggle with an enemy named cerebral palsy. All this happened because of the extensive hemorrhage in the brain immediately after the birth of the crumbs. After that, there was hypoxic fasting and a convulsive syndrome. For almost 10 years, her parents and relatives have done everything to cure Lera. Endless rehabilitation courses, various methods, and doctors. All this in a little way brings the girl closer to a healthy life.

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From sport to social integration

Zaporizhia region. Started 27.2.2018

The floorball school teams from the Molochansky boarding school have become members of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Floorball since 2016. During the last year «Gust Junior-10", "Gust Junior-12", "Gust First League", and "Gust Women" teams took part in twelve rounds and four-Cup tournaments 2016-2017. Students are eager to take part in the Cups and Championships of Ukraine in three age groups and Tournaments of the Special Olympics of Ukraine 2017-2018 which involves fifty children with special needs and requires 25 000 UAH.

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000 023 882 UAH