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Medicines for Kyrylko

Mykolaiiv. Started 20.3.2020

At the end of 2016, while playing football, Kyrylo was injured in his head and had a concussion. Then the boy drank the prescribed medicine, and everything was fine. "Later, the son began to have a headache", says Kirill’s mother, "the temperature rose to 40, no medication helped". The boy was given many diagnoses. And in December 2017, he was in intensive care, was unconscious for 4 days. There were very terrible seizures of epilepsy. According to the puncture results, the guy determined toxoplasmosis. 

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Smiling through pain. 6

Odesa. Started 31.1.2020

This 7-year-old boy has been through a lot of suffering in his short life so far. Examinations, procedures, operations... Artem was born with a large tumour in his face and neck. This tumour is benign, but, unfortunately, it affects his vital organs which complicates its removal through surgery. The representatives of the "University Hospital Halle" (Saxony-Anhalt, Halle, Germany) have agreed on helping Artem. 

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How will Ania breathe?

Odessa region. Started 3.3.2020

Alarm! Alarm! Little Ania is in trouble. Almost simultaneously, two of her assistants, the oxygen apparatus and the inhaler, have broken down. For a person with such a serious illness as Ania’s, this is a disaster, because without them the girl can’t breathe normally. Cystic fibrosis affects the lungs, damages their tissue, clogs the airways with viscous sputum, in which infections multiply. The only way to survive is to do the whole sets of special exercises and inhalations every day, morning and evening, and sometimes in the middle of the day to clean your lungs. This is the only way to breathe. 

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Diapers for children with disabilities. 2019

Odessa region. Started 27.11.2018

Dear donors! Everyone who faced with the problem of child disability is familiar with the feeling of fear and helplessness before this grief. A handicapped child is a child, whose pain and experience of existence cannot be expressed in words or comparisons. Also, moms and dads, in families where children with disabilities grow up, in spite of any difficulties, every day, make their parental feat. They don’t only accept their children as they are, but often try to show people that such children are also happiness. 

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The hard way to recovery. 4

Odessa region. Started 13.2.2020

You've already met Vitia, a special kid with a disability. He was born prematurely, at 33 week in asphyxia, his weight was only 1800 g. The consequences were tragic for Vitia. His body immediately reacted to this pathology with Intracerebral hemorrhage of the highest degree 4. The baby was taken to the intensive care unit immediately after birth. He couldn't breathe on his own and was on artificial ventilation for a month. Encephalopathy and later internal hydrocephalus, inflammation of the cerebral ventricle and meningitis were the diagnoses with which the baby's life began. During a year and a half of his life, he underwent ten brain shunt surgeries to remove the fluid that was collected there.

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Through tears to victory! 3

Odessa. Started 27.2.2020

Kyrylo Titov is already 8 years old and most part of these years he spent in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. He was born extremely prematurely, on 26th week, weighing 1,200 g. He started his struggle for life with his first breath. The baby balanced between life and death for three months. Kyrylo was saved thanks to incredible efforts. However, the consequences of the premature birth were horrible – at the age of 1 year, Kyrylo couldn’t hold his head, walk, crawl, sit or turn. People said to his mother: "Refuse from him, he will never walk or speak, why suffering…". 

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Rehabilitation is a lifetime. 5

Odessa. Started 30.3.2020

Ten years have passed since that terrible case, when Sasha's life was crossed out by the act of his “friend”, a doctor by education, in whose car Sasha drank thallium dissolved in water... First, the guy had a fever, he felt pain all over his body, then there were signs of damage to the central nervous system. Sasha lost the ability to talk, his arms and legs did not work anymore, the guy faded away quickly.

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Angels exist, and they have wings... 2

Odessa region. Started 19.2.2020

Andrii Yaroshevskyi continues his struggle for recovery, for the chance to live just like before that horrible accident when he was hit on the pedestrian way by Infinity car. Drunk women returned from the night club and were driving very fast along Seredniofontanska Str. in Odesa. The woman failed to control the car and hit against a metal collision protector on the left along the way, the impact strength turned the car and it was thrown to the right-side pedestrian way directly at the pedestrian. Both the driver and the passenger were killed on impact. Andrii went along the usual way for the night shift to the railway station where he worked. Everything happened very fast, within seconds, and a strong, healthy young man turned into group 1 A disability man in no time.

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Dima, we will never give up! 3

Kherson region. Started 11.2.2020

Dmitry came to the world prematurely and received his cradle in the form of an emergency resuscitation. There, without his mother's hands, he spent the long 10 months of his young life. During these 10 months he had intragastric hemorrhage into the brain, hydrocephalus began to develop. At 9 months a shunt was put in the head. This is such a painful start to life. At home, the boy finally began to recover. 

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Smile outside but pain inside

Odesa. Started 29.1.2020

Andrii is a very positive and open-hearted boy. Looking at him smiling on the photo, it is impossible to imagine how much he has already suffered and all that pain he is still experiencing now. Andrii has multiple malformations of the central nervous system and several related conditions. In simple terms, the entire left side of his body is paralysed: his brain, face, tongue, hand and internal organs. 

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