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Beyond the sound

Kherson. Started 21.12.2017

Three-year-old Ostap Panych doctors for a year unsuccessfully treated for autism. The child underwent courses of drug stimulation of the brain, exciting nervous activity and sometimes painful, took a huge number of medicines, which, as it turned out, were unnecessary to him. And only very recently the child showed a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the 4th degree. It turned out that Ostap simply did not hear his parents and peers and because of that, he could not communicate with them! There was no autism in the child. Now it urgently needs to be operated - and with the help of expensive cochlear implants to restore hearing.

Сплатити Need 500 030 UAH
Still needed
000 376 088 UAH

Relapse... Save Kira from leukemia!

Odessa. Started 13.12.2017

"We have an ordinary family, a second child is our princes. As we wanted: the boy and the girl. Diet, doctor’s prescriptions, tests. Fast childbirth in time, breastfeeding. It was a lovely child; there were no problems with her during first six months. And then everything turned upside down... I look at Kira’s photos, there are walks, and ponytails, and brother, and christenings, and toys, and smiles... Then the onset of the disease – the first lymph node, then the bandages on the rest lanced lymph nodes, the first hospitalization, catheters, bruises because of low platelets, anesthesia, drips, chemotherapy, pain, resuscitation...

Сплатити Need 1 000 000 UAH
Still needed
000 497 308 UAH

Best gift for Katia is to be healthy!

Mykolaiv. Started 15.1.2018

Katenka is a very kind, tender child, loves people, strives for society and wants to recover very much. Here's what Katya’s mom tells: "On May 25 Katyusha was 13 years old. She grew up, grew stronger and wiser: she learned to peel potatoes, carrots, cut cucumbers, wash dishes, wipe it and put it on a shelf. We do our best to learn how to cope with domestic work. The truth is it's all Katya do it yet not very confident, with my help. But she tries, to the best of her strength, and she has a desire.

Сплатити Need 7 640 UAH
Still needed
000 007 461 UAH

Rehabilitate life by standing on feet. 4

Odessa region. Started 18.4.2017

In 2014 Pasha (now he is 26 years old) was injured - a comminuted fracture of the 5 cervical vertebra with a severe spinal cord injury. Pasha’s body has been paralysed below his neck for the last 2 years. The first operation was performed immediately in order to replace the damaged vertebra with a titanium structure. Since that time Pasha has to live in a wheelchair and he needs rehabilitation.

Сплатити Need 40 000 UAH
Still needed
000 015 398 UAH

Signal for help from little patients. 6

Kherson. Started 11.1.2018

Prematurely born children are so impatient that they come to this world earlier than their lungs are fully developed and before their hearts start beating stable. It is vital to constantly keep an eye on the pulse and the breathing of the prematurely born child. There are also many pathologies, of which there is a chronic lack of oxygen in the blood – hypoxia. For the monitoring and maintenance of vital functions of the body – breathing and heart beating of small patients, there is a specific medical device – a pulse oximeter.

Сплатити Need 41 300 UAH
Still needed
000 040 643 UAH

The device will breathe, and Ivanco - live!

Kherson region. Started 26.12.2017

Van’ka hastens to live. Cystic fibrosis doesn’t give a chance to relax, but the boy doesn’t give the illness any extra day. Van’ka rides a horse, shows tricks, plays the baby at the beach, and does yoga… He does chemical experiments, and inhalations, jumps over bonfire, peeps out of the tent… You can look at his photos for hours, and listen to the stories about his life for days… Van’ka hastens to live. His lungs are late. Breathlessness and weakness require staying at home more often. But Van’ka is not going to calm down. He is dreaming about portable oxygen concentrator. Let the apparatus breathe if they lungs can’t. And Van’ka will live!

Сплатити Need 118 900 UAH
Still needed
000 114 067 UAH

The Month of Life-2

Mykolaiv. Started 5.2.2016

‘There is no sodium chloride, glucose…’, ‘I have a check for 2 000 hrivnas, can you help me?..’, ‘Is it possible to find...?’ – those are not all phrases that I hear every day from parents of our patients. It seems sodium chloride – 10 hrivnas, biseptol – 27 hrivnas… Trifle? Not in their case. We collected funds for the purchase of medicines in oncology department of Mykolaiv Regional Children's Hospital one year ago. Now it's time to revert to you, friends. We are in despair! Prices are rising every day and the month of the lives of our kids costs not 40 thousand hrivnas as it was a year ago, but almost 170 thousand hrivnas now.

Сплатити Need 166 535 UAH
Still needed
000 145 797 UAH

Help me spread my back!

Odessa region. Started 2.2.2017

It is very difficult to breathe for Yaroslav. He can hardly sit. The heart is pinched and it's hard for him to beat. Yaroslav's spine is bent in the shape of the letter S, and this is very painful in itself. And if help doesn’t come, Yaroslav will soon die, and he will die very painfully. Yaroslav was born with slight changes in his spine. At that time doctors said that it was not dangerous and everything would improve with time. But, unfortunately, when the boy turned 11 the disease started to progress. In 2007 metal rods were applied to the boy’s spine, but in 2009 they were removed as they were not taken.

Сплатити Need 644 000 UAH
Still needed
000 177 877 UAH

Help to avoid becoming a dwarf!

Dobrooleksandrivka. Started 26.9.2016

Charming beauty Elechka is wonderful, tender and very small… In her 2 years, she weights and has grown, like other children in 6-7 months. Now, under the garment, it is still possible to hide short and curved arms and legs, usual satellites of achondroplasia, a diagnosis that was given to Elina immediately after her birth. "Looking at her, I cannot hold back my tears. How will she live with this disease? If we do not operate her, her limbs will curve more and more ... How can I help her? Our family does not have such amount of money as needed for surgery. I just cuddle my little girl, cry, kiss my darling, destitute child, and ask God and not indifferent people for help in this trouble!”, the mother appeals to everyone.

Сплатити Need 312 000 UAH
Still needed
000 277 641 UAH

They don't see her, she doesn't hear them...

Odessa. Started 30.11.2017

They cannot see her and she cannot hear them… Such unbearably sad story was told to us by a dad of one little girl Veronika. "They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. But, sometimes it is possible three times. My name is Oleksandr, my wife name is Nadiia. We met at Odessa Boarding School for Blind Children (my wife and I have less than one percent of a sense of vision of each eye). We are married almost for five years, and more than one year we spent on visiting doсtors-geneticists, who assured us that vision problem would not be transmitted to the child. They didn’t indeed...

Сплатити Need 403 000 UAH
Still needed
000 370 142 UAH