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Twins-disabled with cerebral palsy. 4

Odessa region. Started 16.8.2018

Every woman who carries a baby under her heart can feel them stirring. She would gladly insert a flower into her hair and go to daydream. About the legs running along the alleys of the park, about blond hair fluttering in the wind, about children's secrets and small kids’ hands. So does Ira... But alas. She was lucky to become a mother of two children at the same time and, as many of us dream about, of both boy and girl. But her happiness was overshadowed by a general diagnosis – cerebral palsy. Today Maria and Roman are already 5 years old. Their whole life, as well as their mother's one, they spend in hospitals, on medications, in despair, on rehabilitation and in tears of joy after small victories.

Сплатити Need 48 640 UAH
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000 031 510 UAH

I can break

Odessa region. Started 22.5.2018

Iryna will turn 14 soon. And she has occurred above the steep of severe disability. An ancient childhood trauma has manifested in a huge distortion of the spine and a rapid loss of ability to walk. Unless spine surgery is done within six months the girl will forever stay in a wheelchair. Heaviness in the back and hump accompanied Ira since childhood. At the age of four, an accident happened: she fell from the 5th floor when Mom was at work at night shift.

Сплатити Need 120 000 UAH
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000 058 434 UAH

To live for the sake of the child!

Odessa. Started 9.8.2018

Aliona is a young mother. Together with her loving husband, she is raising a wonderful baby Tymofii. What else could a young family want? Raising a son, enjoying their life together, making plans for the future… But the family’s happiness is overshadowed by Aliona's disease, multiple sclerosis. The young mother cannot move without assistance, as the disease has hit the spinal cord. Her legs are impossible to control, so she is chained to a wheelchair. The treatment costs 425,000 UAH. This sum is impracticable for a young family with only the father employed. 

Сплатити Need 425 000 UAH
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000 407 636 UAH

Kyryrlo dreams of getting up from a wheelchair

Kherson region. Started 13.9.2018

A loud laugh, playful eyes. Kyrylo is 7 years old. For a moment, holding his gaze on his face, it may seem that he never knew the pain. However, it is enough to lower your eyes to understand: his life is a continuous struggle. Kyrylo is chained to a wheelchair, his lower limbs are completely immobile. Besides, he is an orphan. Kyrylo is one of more than a hundred boarding school children for children with special needs, and unfortunately, he does not differ from the strong health among them. 

Сплатити Need 8 000 UAH
Still needed
000 006 071 UAH

Galyna dreams of walking

Kherson region. Started 14.9.2018

Galyna, a blue-eyed girl with luxurious blond hair, is 15 years old. While her peers are already running on dates and dreaming of an adult independent life, she has only one dream – to learn to walk smoothly, and not lame. Galia has a cerebral palsy, which keeps the whole body in suspense. The girl can not independently master the body, and there is no one to wait for help because she is a pupil of an orphanage. 

Сплатити Need 8 000 UAH
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000 006 523 UAH

A difficult way to recover

Odessa. Started 28.8.2018

Pregnancy of Vityusha’s mother was normal and nothing meant trouble. However, in the 33rd week the situation has changed abruptly. Premature and accelerated labour began much earlier than in due time. The infant’s lungs were not ready to breathe because of physiological dis maturity and asphyxia was diagnosed. Short-time oxygen deprivation of brain tissue was catastrophic for the infant and caused cerebral haemorrhage of the 4th grade, cerebral edema, encephalopathy and internal hydrocephalus. The newborn stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit with artificial pulmonary ventilation for a month. When his situation became more stable, the first operation on bypass of brain was made in order to remove the accumulated liquid from the brain.

Сплатити Need 15 400 UAH
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000 007 150 UAH

Forced to live in a boarding school

Kherson region. Started 19.9.2018

In her 10 years, she weighs 17 pounds. "A Little Ballerina," say educators. She was born very tiny. But in addition to its miniature, she fell a whole host of illnesses... The condition at the birth of the child was difficult due to neurological symptoms and hypotrophy. Due to the defeat of the Ksiusha's CNS, there is now a convulsive syndrome. Girls should constantly take medication and four times a year undergo rehab, where physiotherapists, masseurs and psychologists will be busy with it.

Сплатити Need 8 000 UAH
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000 008 000 UAH

I believe that I will be able to walk! 5

Odessa region. Started 10.8.2018

Dear Donors, do you remember Tinochka Shpatakovska? You came to her assistance not once! She has been diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. Due to regular exercises and rehabilitation plus remarkable efforts of the parents and Tinochka herself, significant improvements of her condition are noticeable. She is able to seat for some time without help and if, in a water pool, she can even stand for about a minute holding to a support. Now Tinochka walks more assuredly, she began to stand on her entire foot, not on toes only, like before.

Сплатити Need 10 746 UAH
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000 008 248 UAH

I want to walk like my twin brother! 3

Odessa. Started 14.9.2018

Monogarov Daniil suffers the second form of ICP since his birth. This is when the child can walk, but with restrictions. A kid has every chance to improve his condition, but an awkward age aggravates the situation. An absence of timely carried out rehabilitation procedures can significantly and, in the case of Daniil, irrevocably aggravate this condition Danylo now enters the puberty and requires close attention of specialists. Abrupt jump of kid’s growth is not good: Daniil's legs are disfigured, he walks on half-bent, he staggers, each month condition of boy’s spine worsens. 

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000 010 386 UAH

We will never surrender, Dima!

Kherson region. Started 6.8.2018

He sincerely smiles, and his mother rejoices with might and main because of that. His appearance was so welcome. His second son, Dima's mother, Anna wore calmly and confidently, but the cunning of premature births destroyed the dream of a healthy child. Pregnancy passed easily and without complications, all analyzes and ultrasound were normal. But one day, Anna started to pull her stomach. She lost no time in going to the doctor. At the reception, the woman started contractions. 

Сплатити Need 24 490 UAH
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000 014 442 UAH