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A fairy tale for a Vika. 2

Kherson region. Started 6.11.2019

New Year's Eve is magical, just then desires come true. And the desire of the mother of little Vika came true: the long-awaited daughter was born. However, the girl was born in a very serious condition: she spent the first days after her birth in intensive care. Then it became clear that Vicki’s childhood would not be like magic and a fairy tale. And so it happened... 

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Vika’s first step. 8

Donetsk region. Started 15.10.2019

No one knew if Vika would survive. After a premature birth, the girl did not eat, she stopped breathing, so she was in intensive care. Then she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Dandy-Walker syndrome. But Vika survived. Although she now has to challenge the right to every free movement, she is alive! And she pleases her relatives with new skills that are given to her with such difficulty... 

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Help recover from injury!

Odessa region. Started 21.2.2019

Yura Bocharnikov was 16 years old when his life turned upside down. As a result of an unsuccessful jump on the beach trampoline in August 2016, the guy received a closed spinal cord trauma, spinal injury, a fracture and dislocation of the cervical vertebrae. Yura spent four months lying motionless in the neurosurgery department of the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. He was treated with skeletal traction, received anti-decubitus therapy and he really wanted to go home. 

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Yura needs our help

Dnipro. Started 30.10.2019

Yura Petrenko is 10 years old and all these years he lives with a chronic orphan disease of primary immunodeficiency. His mother Victoria is 42 years old and she herself brings up two sons 10 and 14 years old. They live in the city of Dnipro, the youngest son Jura from birth is very often ill with infectious diseases – purulent sinusitis, acute bronchitis, and pneumonia. All these diseases are treated only with antibiotics, and after one of pneumonia, when antibiotics no longer acted on Yura, his mother took him from the hospital and took him to Kyiv for examination. First, to "OKHMATDYT", and then to the Department of Immunology, where Yura was diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency. It means that the child has very weak immunity and is doomed to support the body with immunoglobulins and antibiotics. 

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Christina is struggling with the serious effects of diabetes on her

Odessa. Started 18.10.2019

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in the world. The disease often leads to disability and death. Kristina Tkhelidze has been fighting this ailment since the age of 15. Now 26, her condition has deteriorated because the disease has taken on a serious form. The young woman was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Phlegmon of the right foot. In addition, a blood clot was discovered that is at risk of breaking free, she also has kidney problems as a result of diabetes. 

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You can’t give up

Donetsk region. Started 21.11.2019

Maksym’s parents remember how happy they were during 2017 New Year celebration when the treatment ended. They had only one wish – health for the son! The boy lived in remission for two and a half years. He returned to his usual life playing football with his older brother, beginning to prepare for school... Suddenly the disease returned. A control MRI examination revealed a tumor.

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Julia and Inna – one trouble for two

Rivne region. Started 6.11.2019

Twins Julia and Inna are seventeen years old already. They live in the Rivne region in the loving large family. What is so unusual – you ask? In the photo, you can see the smiling young faces. But the picture of Yulechka’s spine – it’s just the misery... The disaster has begun exactly seventeen years ago. The girls were born prematurely and spent two months in intensive care after their birth. When the babies were already at home, both the local doctor and the children's nurse, who came home to examine the children, convinced their parents that everything was fine, the children were developing normally. And the only mother's heart suggested that it was not right. Parents sounded the alarm.

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Help disadvantaged orphans. 2

Kiev. Started 29.10.2019

The Home of Happy Children Center has been helping disadvantaged children since 2007. At the Center, such children take refuge and finally end up in a safe place. These are children who survived too much – violence, starvation, they were abandoned by their own parents, in some of them loved ones died and nobody needs them. The Center provides children with the necessary: food, accommodation, training. Along with this, socio-psychological rehabilitation begins after the tragedies experienced. The center exists only at the expense of caring people, and now it urgently needs help to continue to save children. 

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You are not alone. 2

Dnipro. Started 4.2.2019

Loneliness, when you are “not needed by anyone” – even adults can hardly bear it. For a child, this is a real tragedy. Nothing can replace mom's gentle hands in the first year of life. And yet we can support abandoned children: to make sure that they do not need at least material: food and hygiene products. "Abandoned children" leave dysfunctional mothers in maternity hospitals and even well-arranged parents, if the child was born with pathologies. Children found on the street and taken from families where they were not cared for are brought to hospitals. About 2 weeks is required for examination; in reality, while the guardianship authorities will complete all the necessary documents, sometimes months pass. 

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Photopheresis for Daryna

Cherkasy. Started 22.10.2019

Daryna Ogilko will soon turn 4. Three of them, she is fighting non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Hormones changed the face of the child beyond recognition, but they cannot be canceled, because wounds immediately appear on the skin. These are manifestations of the chronic graft versus host reaction. The only treatment that can help is a course of photopheresis, which is not available in Ukraine. In early childhood, a girl found a tumor on her head. Soon, analysis showed that it was an aggressive B-cell lymphoma. 

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