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New physical education in native school

Kiev. Started 6.5.2019

My head teacher was a teacher of physical education. Ludmysha – so call her all the students, and the teachers call Lucie. Every day more than a tens years she falls in love with children in sports.

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Become an Angel of Happiness

Kiev. Started 15.3.2019

Brand GAPCHINSKA, provider of happiness №1, invites you to join the collection of charitable contributions to support the Kiev Children's Center for Children "Home of Happy Children". 30 kids of different ages live in this center waiting for a new family. They believe in happiness, and GAPCHINSKA - helps not to lose hope. Our goal is to provide comfortable accommodation for these children so that they feel at home, in comfort and safety.

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000 002 178 UAH

Help the little princess! 3

Kiev region. Started 29.5.2019

Remember this girl? This is Xenia, and he lives in the thrall of a serious illness - cerebral palsy. She does not allow the girl to walk, talk and be a healthy and happy child. Ksenia is like a princess who was captured by a terrible beast. However, we can overcome the beast and free the crumbs from the paws of cerebral palsy. 

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000 004 633 UAH

Anton's Stremovsky healing marathon

Kiev. Started 14.5.2019

My name is Anton Stremovsky. I’m working as a programmer and for several years I’m fond of running. I have three half-marathons, several "ten" and many-many "fives" behind. This April I ran my first charitable half-marathon. I ran 21 km in Kyiv Half Marathon 2019 to help kids with cerebral palsy. 

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22-year-old beauty fights for life. 4

Poltava region. Started 29.5.2019

Alina has already completed 7 chemotherapy courses. There will be one more and the girl really hopes that he will be the last. According to the results of repeated CT, the result of treatment is positive, the tumor has decreased, but, unfortunately, there is still. Alina's doctor says that this is a fairly good result. But if the "chemistry" does not completely help to destroy the tumor, then will have to undergo another course of radiobeam. 

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Adult struggle for health

Kiev. Started 16.5.2019

“He is healthy!”, said the neurologist at the examination of 4-month-old Sasha. The boy was born on time, immediately shouted, in 2 months already held the head. Doctors and parents had no reason to worry. But later everything changed. A month later, the boy fell ill with a virus, his temperature rose, which lasted for 5 days. After the disease, his muscle tone increased significantly, the boy began to gain weight poorly. Parents began to sound the alarm: something was wrong with their son! But the tests and tests were normal. 

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000 007 266 UAH

To breathe easier

Kiev. Started 22.2.2019

Do you know why seriously ill patients often can’t lie down and even sleep in a sitting position? In many cases, the answer is simple and terrible at the same time: when sitting, it's easier to breathe. Heart failure, stroke, chronic lung disease or cancer – a lot of it can lead to breathlessness. Many patients at such a stage can no longer be cured. But you can help and start doing it before a person starts to suffocate, before "gets used" to sleep while sitting... 

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Kilometers, that help

Kyiv. Started 22.2.2019

About six years ago, being in the USA, I discovered car travel, the magic of a meditative state. When, apart from your thoughts and the road, nothing exists. The smoke from the cigarette is dancing in the cabin and pulled out through the driver's window ajar. Kilometers, hundreds of kilometers, then thousands. Thoughts, decisions, memories, are placed on the shelves in the head and it becomes clear and calm. After exploring the east coast, I was lucky to see the west, to drive across the whole of America between the shores of the oceans. Then the journey lasted a little over a month and I drove 12,598 kilometers. Probably after him, I finally took for myself the ideal form of learning about the world and the culture of nations, traveling by car. So, I traveled all over continental Europe, up and down. In 2017, hit the road on the old Mercedes 1982 release, to Iran.

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Tablets for babies. 4

Kiev. Started 19.6.2019

We have a big dream – that our beneficiaries, children with limited abilities turned in a happy adult with unlimited possibilities. This is why we do not get tired of asking you, again and again, to help Nastia, to help Masha, to help Andrii and Sasha. And you do help! To get on rehab, to do surgery, to undergo a course of treatment, to buy the necessary medicines, diapers, special meals, manuals, and even to please the children with the presents for the holidays. 

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We need to save the child

Cherkasy. Started 26.6.2019

Masha is only 6 months old and now she is one of the most serious patients with cystic fibrosis in Ukraine. Her mother called us from Cherkasy intensive care unit, and we were thinking together what to do. Masha has a very low weight. She is only 4.5 kg being 6 months old! Due to the main diagnosis shortly after the birth of Masha, they had to put the colostomy. Now it looks like the baby does not gain weight because of it, but it's also not possible to do the stoma reversal now. The doctors say she should grow at least up to 6 kg. 

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