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Help not to starve. 2

Kyiv. Started 8.7.2020

All the wards of our fund are special – they have at least one seriously ill person in their families, and in some families there are even two. This means that from year to year all the money in the family are spent on treatment, one has to save just on everything, including food… quarantine has hit everyone hard, many of us had to cut costs and abandon the usual things. But these families have nowhere else to tighten their belts. 

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Ania will fight! 3

Kyiv region. Started 8.7.2020

The expectant mother was pregnant with twins. Two girls, two sisters – happiness. However, the news, which knocked the earth out from under the woman’s feet, was the antithesis of happiness: one of the girls died in the womb. An emergency cesarean section, at least to save the second daughter... Ania survived. Thank God Ania survived! 

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000 027 178 UAH

This family really needs you. 3

Kyiv. Started 7.7.2020

For more than a year and a half, your support has been the mainstay that allows Artemko's parents not to give up. The boy is almost 14, but he is forever "small". As a baby, Artemko cannot live without the help of people around him. He is fed through a tube, and this is his only way not to die of hunger. Therefore, the presence of a special probe food is something that his mom Valeria worry about to tears. After all, its cost – almost 5 000 UAH a month – is absolutely impossible for a family with three children, two of whom have different but serious features. Artemko cannot be fed without your help. 

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000 012 443 UAH

My body doesn't listen to me

Cherkasy region. Started 7.7.2020

Nazar’s mother calls his birthday terrible. Severe asphyxia, which moved her son during birth, radically changed the boy's life, turning it into a constant struggle and suffering. In order to Nazar took the first breath, the doctors conducted resuscitation. And the boy began to breathe... Nazar also was diagnosed with CNS damage and cerebral edema, so after the birth the boy was taken to the intensive care unit, and later spent a month in the Department of pathology of newborns. 

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Inhalations save lives. 6

Kyiv. Started 2.7.2020

Imagine that your life depends on medical devices. To be honest – this is rather nervous experience. The treatment protocol states that daily inhalation is mandatory for cystic fibrosis (in moderate or severe disease progress there may be 8 or 16 inhalations per day!). But a sick child does not even need to read the protocol, she feels: did not inhale - and you are difficult to breathe, you start to suffocate and do not have the strength to go to the next room... 

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000 024 892 UAH

I pedal to save lives!

Kyiv. Started 1.7.2020

My name is Stanislav Kravchuk. I am an intern doctor at a small regional hospital. On July 3, my first vacation begins – I am going to go on a 1,500 km trip around Ukraine on a bicycle to raise money for a first aid training manikin for the Ukrainian Medical Students' Association. 

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000 020 076 UAH

Pari, annual sets. 2

Kyiv. Started 1.7.2020

It is not cheap to buy medical equipment, but these figures are really overshadowed by the amounts required for the consumables necessary to it for the wards of our fund. We help patients with severe congenital cystic fibrosis. 

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Little mom and dad's happiness

Poltava region. Started 30.6.2020

What can be better two cherished stripes when on paternity spouse dreams for a long time? What could be better than the feeling that soon life will change and the light will be the expected child? Probably stronger than this can only be the desire to have a healthy baby. But something went wrong... 

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000 024 485 UAH

Happy children

Kyiv. Started 25.6.2020

A large TUSO family joins another campaign of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace to raise funds for orphans. Together with you, we have implemented more than one charity event that saved hundreds of lives. We are pleased to announce that the boy Vasya, who dreamed of a life without limitations with the help of a new endoprosthesis, is already undergoing postoperative rehabilitation. Very soon, he will be able to fully walk! 

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000 314 541 UAH

Christina can't wait! 2

Kryvyi Rih. Started 24.6.2020

Being 6 months old Kristina got in to the intensive care department for the first time and since then she does not know how it is to be healthy. The little child had to go through the hardest variant of the serious genetic disease. She has underweight and damaged lungs. We gave the first oxygen concentrator to the baby a year and a half ago. In June 2020, not only her mom called us, but the girl’s doctor himself – she urgently needs a new oxygen concentrator, twice as powerful as the one she had before, otherwise she would not be able to breathe at home.

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