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MIBG scanning for Nastia

Donetsk region. Started 6.11.2018

Nastia is an ordinary three-year-old girl who likes to play with dolls and listen to fairy tales about princesses. But, unlike her peers, Nastia also knows what cancer is. For over a year, the girl undergoes treatment for neuroblastoma. During this time, she has already received six cycles of chemotherapy, has undergone a renal removal surgery, two cycles of high-dose chemo with bone marrow transplantation. Nastia knows what pain is and what the doctor’s words "low blood cell count" means. It means that she cannot go anywhere but she has to stay in her room all the time and take new injections or pills... This is her childhood. 

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Mom, I have no childhood!

Kramatorsk. Started 21.9.2018

Cerebral palsy is three words that can knock the ground out from under the feet of any parent. Parents do not know what to do about it. Time passes ... and by trial and error, they find their own way. Eva was born 10 weeks ahead of schedule. After 2 months of struggling for life, the baby was discharged home. Since then, the girl is constantly undergoing rehabilitation and is exercising at home. This is a huge work.

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Social wardrobe

Kharkiv. Started 14.11.2018

There is a wardrobe (closet) full of things in every home. You open it every day and wear clothes that you like. It is a natural desire of all people, despite their age or status. But, not all people have a full home wardrobe (closet). There are people whose wardrobe (closet) is empty! There are no clothes in it! That’s why in CF "Caritas Kharkiv" there is a place where all people in need can take clothes for free (for men, women, children). This place is called "Social wardrobe".

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Free the princess from the evil spell! 3

Dnipro region . Started 8.10.2018

Our little princess Nastia continues her struggle for a happy childhood and full life. A girl was born on the 31st week. No one explained to parents what had led to a serious birth injury, a mistake of doctors or incorrect management of the birth process. For several months, the baby could not breathe on her own and was kept in intensive care under an oxygen mask. As a result, a disappointing diagnosis – cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, delay in psychological development.

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Help Artem overcome the disease

Donetsk region. Started 28.9.2018

A lot of kids don’t know the scary diagnosis. They run, play, chat, draw... Artem also has to be like that! It just didn’t happen... bad luck... The terrible injustice happened in his life... Artem was not on the 32-and week with no chances to stay healthy. And diagnosis - cerebral palsy was mentioned - the hard challenge for a kid and his parents.

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It's not too late, I'll go! 4

Donetsk region. Started 1.11.2018

"My dream is for my son to become healthy. My dream is a routine for thousands of people – to see how the son walks on his own. My dream... it is small for thousands of mothers – to see my son playing football with friends. My dream is not to see my child’s tears from painful procedures. My dream is to give to Andrii a world filled with happiness and goodness. But my dream has a price...".
Andrii was born a healthy child, but at the age of three months, he became ill with meningoencephalitis. As a result – he was diagnosed with the cerebral palsy. 

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Life is amazing. 2

Kiev. Started 2.8.2018

If to talk about crisis conditions of the former residents of Donbas, psychologists say one word: 'trauma'. It is connected to the difficulties of military conflict, losses, survived horror and moving to another place. Those who survived the war, to rehabilitate and to become the part of peaceful society became a challenge. The sound of thunder reminds about shelling and not for warm days with family picnics. How to help a person in such circumstances? 

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In captivity of silence

Donetsk region. Started 12.11.2018

Both soul and physical wounds are gradually healing. But the wound of the mother of sixteen-year-old Veronika is not healing, and the fight for life and health of her child is not stopping. Veronika was born in the city of Sloviansk in the 42nd week; she was anxious and crying all the time. She couldn’t turn around, sit, eat and walk by herself. Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, movement disorders syndrome, psychomotor disturbance, delay in speech development. 

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A dream to walk, fulfill! 2

Donetsk region. Started 20.9.2018

A fourteen-year-old girl in a wheelchair plays with pleasure with younger children and is making serious plans for her future.
"I dream of getting married and having three children," says Ania, embarrassed: "But I can not walk"... Ania studies in the eighth form and doesn’t like school much, most of all she likes reading and drawing. Her best friends are cousin Max and Vovka-bully, her brother, who is one and a half years old. 

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The room of good

Luhansk region. Started 18.9.2018

You all know that this year we support children living in Novotoshkovse and Crymske Luhansk region. Together with you, we were able to give gifts to all children, deliver personal hygiene facilities and present for kids school sets. Each of you has become for them a magician!

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