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Help Masha live without pain. 3

Zhytomyr region. Стартував 26.4.2019

She was adopted by a small healthy beard, and a month later the doctor said: "Your girl is a cerebral palsy". But Mother Galina – a courageous woman, 10 years old was waiting for a child and did not break. Massages, rehabilitation, medical physical education, sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist, classes in the swimming pool, hippotherapy. Everything that can be done to treat Maryna, my mother tried to do. But it all costs money. 

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Tablets for babies. 4

Kiev. Стартував 19.6.2019

We have a big dream – that our beneficiaries, children with limited abilities turned in a happy adult with unlimited possibilities. This is why we do not get tired of asking you, again and again, to help Nastia, to help Masha, to help Andrii and Sasha. And you do help! To get on rehab, to do surgery, to undergo a course of treatment, to buy the necessary medicines, diapers, special meals, manuals, and even to please the children with the presents for the holidays. 

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Semen: defeat severe diagnoses. 2

Kryvyi Rih. Стартував 30.7.2019

This kid was born earlier than expected, so sometimes he had no sucking reflex, the doctors nursed him. He was called Semen. And when Semen turned 7 months, he had an attack of stenosis, doctors the whole day was fighting for his little life... 

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Computer alphabet. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Стартував 13.12.2018

The Charitable Foundation "You are an Angel" intends to upgrade a computer class for orphans from the Dolyna Orphanage "Warm Home". For this, we need to raise funds in the amount of 65 000 UAH. The modern world is full of computers. Information technology development gets incredible turns! A personal computer at home is already not a luxury, but a norm. Thanks to the Internet, we can get information on everything that interests us.

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Stop the onset of tuberculosis!

Zaporizhia region. Стартував 22.4.2019

There is a children's sanatorium in Zaporizhia region. But it is not ordinary! Most of the children undergoing treatment are from dysfunctional families, and some are from boarding schools. Treatment usually lasts from 3 to 20 months, and for bed patients – up to 4 years. The only children's tuberculosis sanatorium in Zaporizhia region provides treatment for children with tuberculosis (maintenance phase), preventive treatment for children at risk and children with orthopedic problems.

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Her life depends on the medication

Kirovograd region. Стартував 12.8.2019

Now she is only 12 years old. Clever and mother's assistant. This year, Katia Mariuk graduated from grade 7. Over the last 4 years, this wonderful girl has suffered such ordeals that are not always possible even for an adult. For four years, Katia has been fighting for her life with cancer. The disease is severe and dangerous. Several times victory was almost obtained. But lymphoma returned again. 

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Let death wait!

Kiev. Стартував 5.3.2019

Even doctors call her the resistant Tin Soldier. Three months ago, we were telling a story about the striking struggle of an extremely strong woman – against death. Breast cancer stage 4 will be had to put the point – Iryna was almost blind in one eye, and metastases hit her head, lungs, bones, and muscles. However, neither a disappointing prediction, nor a lack of money, nor a betrayal of a husband who left at the most difficult moment, nor a sick mother, who also needs care – all this did not break her.

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Save Victoria's leg! 2

Rivne region. Стартував 18.7.2019

Bone cancer... It happened 5 years ago. Vika and her mom at the hospital, Vika after surgery, Vika and crutches, Vika and uncertain steps, Vika’s exhausted face after rehabilitation session – that’s a chronology of the girl’s life which we now see in the picture smiling and happy in a traditional embroidered shirt. The disease remained in the past, and two years ago an artificial endoprosthesis was inserted on the site of the removed bone. 

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There is a chance – there is life

Kiev. Стартував 14.6.2019

The diagnosis of "glioblastoma" for most people in Ukraine is a verdict. This most aggressive malignant tumor "settled" in the brain of a 16-year-old athlete Nikita Maletsky. The chance to destroy malignant cells and with that a chance to live is given to the boy by the German physicians. They are ready to start on Nikita’s treatment with modern methods of anti-tumor vaccination and immunotherapy. 

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Life depends upon treatment

Novohrad-Volynskyi. Стартував 26.7.2019

It's hard to believe, but the life of this joyful boy absolutely depends on the treatment: daily, without breaks and weekends. A whole set of medical equipment at home, special physical exercises, a handful of medicines and a series of inhalations interleave his boys' games. Cystic fibrosis is a severe genetic disease that accompanies Artemka from his birth. You can live long with such diagnosis only if you observe the whole complex therapy scheme. Today, the boy's parents kindly ask us to help to buy the medical equipment necessary for the most effective daily treatment. 

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